My 37th Sigafoose Gathering

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

My 37th Sigafoose Gathering (oh my God!) has just come and gone, and I’m feeling really good about life, liberty, and the pursuit of my mission. The Gatherings just keep getting better and better. The love that is shared so freely and unconditionally there; the heart opening and growth and sharing and fellowship and spiritual connection that we experience; it’s like a family reunion with people I actually like! And I’ve come away from this one with a deep and serene acceptance of the perfection of life’s design. Every step of this journey, I’m becoming more and more convinced, has been (and will continue to be) choreographed by Innate. Every step, every stumble, every proud stride, every crawling, whining inch. And the journey continues; the destination being right here at home in my heart, by what exact route God only knows, and She ain’t divulging the itinerary. As the years go by, I am increasingly OK with the mystery as I work toward becoming zero.

Stew Bittman It is critical for me to have a safe and nurturing place to do this work, alongside others who are on the same path. That’s what the Gathering provides. If you have never experienced it, I urge you to. I know of no other place in which the principle of chiropractic so beautifully echoes and resounds. At the Gathering, we are all working toward becoming maximum expressions of Innate, and we’re all learning to surrender the fears and belief systems and ego-based lunacies that prevent us from achieving that state. And tho the folks that attend all come from different backgrounds and have different stories and even different ways of practicing, there is no judgment. We discover that we all have issues, that we all have fears, and that we are all full of shit to some degree. We honor the fact that we’re all on the on ramp to the highway of pure principle, and that where each of us happens to be at this point in time and space is precisely the result of everywhere we’ve been up to now. Within this circle of safety and love, miracles always happen, and lives are forever enhanced.

James Sigafoose The profession and the world need us to do this work. As we become whole, so does the world. As we each let more of the light of Spirit in, the world is invariably led from the darkness. As we observe and experience the miracles that burst forth as we learn to live the principle, we realize the same miracles are possible for our practice folks. And as we hold the space for that, as a united, unstoppable team, we become a brilliant beacon of light in the storm. I hope we continue to support and empower each other, at the Gathering or wherever, so that someday we can all cruise down the highway of principle together, unencumbered by our egos, and pull the rest of the profession along in our draft. I can feel the world salivating over the possibilities. @ 10:55 am | Article ID: 1071082535