March 2008 Review of Chiropractic News Archives

By Daria Belov

From as early as last week, to news from the turn-of-the-century, there is often times stories and articles we may have missed that deserve greater attention. But with the growth of social media, RSS feeds, and an abundance of news related web sites, there’s tons of information coming at us from all directions, and we don’t have the time to browse through content from the past. On this website, I’m hoping to make that a little bit easier, with a monthly glimpse into chiropractic news articles from 2000 through to the present. Is not only important to know where we’re going, it’s good to reflect back and know where we came from.

kids on a chiropractic adjusting table(photo: two children vying for a position on a chiropractic adjusting table)

March 2008 is already coming to a close and April is upon us. Two pieces of news content from the March 2008 news archives that I feel deserve greater attention are the Panama mission May 2008 and a report on chiropractic contributions for presidential candidates.

The Panama mission is taking place in May of this year and chiropractors are expected to have all of their documentation made available to the organizers by the end of April. The article on chiropractor spending for 2008 presidential candidates, shows some interesting numbers as to where financial support has been going during the current election cycle. Watch this web site for related updates in the months ahead. A list of all news content from the month of March is available here… News Archives — March 2008.

News Archives — March 2007
In March of 2007, Dr. Michael Dorausch provided an updated post regarding audio files that were available for downloading and listening to online. The messages from legendary chiropractors include audio presentations by Ian Grassam, Bob Sotille, and others.

News Archives — March 2006
There was lots of chiropractic news getting posted in March of 2006, but none caused a surge of traffic to the web site like the two articles about an appearance in Playboy by godaddy girl Candace Michelle and news regarding her chiropractic husband.

News Archives — March 2005
In March of 2005 Dr. Sharon Gorman shared a brief message about thinking like a chiropractor and living a life with principal and purpose.

News Archives — March 2004
March 2004 was chock-full of chiropractic news, which included an article about chiropractic care and children with Asthma. Dr. Gorman in other chiropractic article regarding limitations that exist only within our minds. Dr. Guy Riekeman was announced president at Life Chiropractic College(located in Marietta Georgia) in March 2004. Dr. Stacy Larsen of Alberta Canada reminded us that chiropractic is the best kept healthcare secret.

News Archives — March 2003
Chiropractors were firewalking in New Jersey in the spring of 2003, and they’ll likely be doing it again in 2008. As winter thawed in Wiarton Canada, Steven Silk reported that their community-based chiropractic Center encountered another huge success as their office collected food for the local Salvation Army.

News Archives — March 2002
In March of 2002 Dr. Stacy Larsen wrote about the chiropractic advantage with education as to the importance of getting ones spine checked to enhance performance of the nervous system. That same month Dr. Sharon Gorman asked about enrollment and Dr. James Sigafoose wrote words of creating change with your conscious mind. It was March of 2002 when chiropractors received the key to Panama City, after a group of volunteers had served thousands in a massive humanitarian effort.

News Archives — March 2001
March 2001 featured news of acetaminophen and a deadly secret being reported. Apparently, doses of acetaminophen can become toxic to one’s liver, resulting in organ failure or even death.

That same month medical doctors issued guidelines on antibiotics in hopes of decreasing the overuse of tens of million wasteful antibiotic prescriptions written annually.

Earlier that same month, chiropractor Stew Bittman authored a midwives for the truth article, which talked about facilitating one’s health rather than intervening in the process.

News Archives — March 2000
I scanned archives all the way back to March of 2000 to read a post by Dr. Michael Dorausch and his thoughts on the the leading cause of death in the US. That posting was undoubtedly motivated by numerous articles appearing in news during the month of March 2000 regarding medical errors being reported as the fifth leading cause of death in America.

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