Dr. Sharon Gormans Chiropractic Mission

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Here it is early Monday Morning and I’m sitting at my computer thinking about the day in front of me. I’m thinking about my office and what I will probably be doing as the day unfolds. As I start my daily ritual I am thinking about what might happen that would make this day a very successful day. I think about the numbers, the stats, I think about the idea that there wouldn’t be any major fires to put out, I think about the thought that the other players in my life will be in a relatively good mood and will participate in creating a healing space in my office and in the other areas in my life. Now I am thinking about myself and how I need to be to pull off this day. Now I am thinking about that something extra.

Sharon Gorman 2010

The thing that really comes to mind to me today is the thought of changing someone’s life with the Chiropractic message. Again, and again it becomes so evident to me how much regular Chiropractic care effects the quantity and quality of someone’s life. We have only one body and we have so many decisions made every day, every hour, that effect our lives today and way into the future. How can I more effectively get though to the people I serve today. How can I motivate them to refer so that more people can have the choices that we make available through chiropractic. How can I wake them up. How can I make them aware that they are responsible for their health and their health choices. How can I overcome the frustration of dealing with a public that are so brainwashed that their health and their body is not their own. How can I penetrate minds that are clouded by billions of dollars of pharmaceutical advertising. I am armed with a simple truth. Above, down, inside, out. Sometimes I want to dress it up to impress them yet the beauty is in the simplicity. I know they are not going to understand and change the way that I would want them to. The important part if it for me today is to realize the importance of keeping on. I can’t let rejection deter me. I need to keep sharing chiropractic in such a way that I can continue helping to change lives. I need to explain chiropractic to the people the way chiropractic was shared with me and no less. They deserve the option. The deserve to be able to make the choice that I made. This is my message. This is my day.

Gotta go – – Have a wonderful day too. Sharon

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