Giving Untested Drugs to Children

From Fox News comes an article titled “Drug firms urged to act over untested child medicines”

According the article, Britain’s Consumers’ Association has urged the pharmaceutical industry “to take immediate action against children being prescribed medicines which have only been tested for adult use.”

It was stated in the article that “between 40 and 60 percent of medicines given to children have been licensed only for adults.”

According to the article, a communications director for the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry said that “no medicine can be used with a guarantee of 100 percent safety whether in children or adults.”

The article further states that “pharmaceutical companies do not routinely test drugs for use on children.” The reasons behind this were that “it is simply unethical to carry out experimental studies on babies unless we are convinced that it is safe to do so” according to a statement made in the article.

What are we doing when we give millions of children untested drugs?

It is interesting to see where this will go. Chances are that agencies are looking for ways to get pharmaceutical companies to begin testing drugs on children. There is money to be made here for someone.

Testing drugs on babies is unethical. Giving untested drugs to babies is unethical. What do we do? If you come from a paradigm that health comes from the inside out, things look much differently.

Health does not come from pills, potions, and lotions. Health comes from within. It is our responsibility as chiropractors and parents to see that all children are free to express their health to the best of their natural ability.

Fox News: Drug firms urged to act over untested child medicines

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