Vaccines a Smoking Gun in Gulf War Syndrome

From Nando Media and Fox News come the following headlines: “New research blames vaccines, stress for Gulf War Syndrome” – “Vaccines during deployment linked to Gulf War syndrome”

The articles are based on a British research study that was released today. According to the report, “illnesses known as Gulf War Syndrome may have been triggered by multiple vaccinations given to servicemen during their deployment in the Gulf.”

The study will reportedly be published in the British Medical Journal, we will include a link to the study when it becomes available.

According to the articles, there have been more than two dozen peer-reviewed attempts to pinpoint the cause of Gulf War Syndrome. The public wants answers.

The Nando article states that, “Despite spending more than $133 million in research, the United States has drawn a blank in identifying a clinical source” of Gulf War Syndrome and that “the failure has bred Internet-driven rumors of cover-ups, secret data withheld by the Pentagon or the even use of the troops as guinea pigs for experimental vaccines.”

Whether or not any of this is true, how does the Pentagon now look? How much credibility does it lend them when making statements such as the anthrax vaccine program is perfectly safe? At the same time courts of law have found the anthrax vaccine to be unsafe and many have been demanding the program be ended. Something does not add up.

What vaccines did the servicemen receive?
According to the article, they were given vaccines for “tetanus, cholera, hepatitis A and B, polio, yellow fever and typhoid, which are routinely given to infants or travelers heading for hot climates.” Vaccines were also given for anthrax, plague, and whooping cough, according to the report.

Nando Media: New research blames vaccines, stress for Gulf War Syndrome

FOX NEWS: Vaccines during deployment linked to Gulf War syndrome

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