Mapping Fires in Southern California

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I found a web site today that has organized a list of online mapping locations for the fires in Southern California.

I just came in from running on the beach in Santa Monica and the sky is a tinted haze due to all the smoke in the atmosphere. I was running along the shoreline and couldn’t see any evidence of fires in the Malibu area from the beach. I could smell the smoke at times but it’s not as strong here as it’s been in previous years. Looking out on the ocean there is a layer of gray on the horizon.

Getting back to the house I began to search for some sort of map that would show fire locations and current activity. I came across an article authored by Danny Sullivan, a former local reporter who is visiting Southern California, and he took the time to put together a list of web sites that are mapping the Southern California fires. For example, there’s information on Google maps about the Malibu Canyon fire. According to what is posted now, over 4400 acres have already burned and the fire is under 15% containment. About 1500 people have been evacuated from the area. That is the closest fire to my home in Venice (my mom calling from Florida was concerned).

Late Sunday night I was flying in from Oakland Airport, and you could see the fire in Malibu along the coastline. Interesting that you can’t see it from the beaches in Santa Monica, yet it’s actually rather close.

The last person in my office last night for a chiropractic adjustment was driving in from Simi Valley and she said that the ash from the fire on the roads made driving conditions slippery like driving through fresh snow. I had never even considered that. One more reason to drive safely and be careful when passing through areas such as the Interstate 5 freeway in Santa Clarita, and other major freeways that may still be open, but are in areas close to the fires. @ 1:26 pm | Article ID: 1193171233