Victims of a Vaccine?

The ABC headlines say it all: “Vaccine Victims? – The Controversy Surrounding SmithKline Beecham’s LYMErix”

The article questions the safety of the LYMErix vaccine. According to the article, a gardener reported that “his doctor said the vaccine carried little or no risk.” Yet, “six weeks after he received his second shot … he layed paralyzed on his bedroom floor, desperately in need of help.”

According to the article, the gardener stated that, “I would just like to know what the heck I have because I have always been very healthy.” It was reported that the gardener “continues to suffer from arthritis, numbness and widespread tingling.”

The gardener in question is one of 70+ plaintiffs in a lawsuit against SmithKline Beecham alleging that “SmithKline Beecham failed to warn doctors and the public that nearly a third of the general population is genetically predisposed to a non-treatable degenerative disease, known as autoimmune arthritis” which is reportedly triggered by the vaccine.

Not surprisingly, the article states that the “drugmaker and the Food and Drug Administration allege the vaccine does not present enough adverse effects” to create concern.

That’s the same FDA that says the Anthrax vaccine is safe as well. It seems as though the FDA’s credibility is just decreasing day by day.

By injecting people with these vaccines, an Attorney had this to say in the article: “we are taking people amongst our healthiest population and putting them at risk.”

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