Chiropractic Products and Jim Sigafoose Talk

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Once upon a time there was nearly nothing available on CD in the world of Chiropractic Philosophy. As a chiropractic student of the early 1990s, most of what we listened to was on audio cassette tape and sometimes VHS video. In the mid 1990s I set out to change that by digitally recording a talk by Dr. James Sigafoose and making it available on CD and via mp3 download.

Let's Talk About ChiropracticI’ll have a link to the mp3 file here but the CD is no longer available for purchase, although it was a beautifully created product (for the time). In it’s making, I flew from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania to record a talk Dr. Sigafoose was giving for a group of patients (about 400 in attendance).

I remember purchasing a high end DAT digital recorder, digital video camera, and 2 expensive microphones. Looking back I could probably do the same today with far fewer expenses, but the experience provided great value to me personally.

It was quite an experience to see some 400 people in attendance to listen to a chiropractor speak on chiropractic, something Sigafoose had been doing for decades.

It was also an experience for a young chiropractor to spend quality one on one time with one of the greats. Discussions of chiropractic over a ham & eggs breakfast in a local Pennsylvania restaurant was a real treat.

Today it’s online video and digital downloads, and I’m cool with that too. Let’s just get the word out.