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2007 Tour de France X Games 13 and Shark Week

The news is in on the Tour de France with Alberto Contador, the 24 year-old cyclist for American Discovery Channel, claiming victory. Contador beat his closest competitor by only 23 seconds, the second narrowest time recorded in the tour’s history. You can read Planet Chiropractic coverage related to the tour here: 2007 Tour de France Chiropractic

Can you believe that today marks 20 years of shark week on the Discovery Channel? We don’t have any shark related chiropractic news but it’s become traditional to see shark related stories in the news around the same time the Tour de France completes, which we’ve had articles about over the past seven years. There is other news besides that of bull sharks, great whites, and cyclists in France…

Ryan Nyquist Michael DorauschX Games 13 rocks the Staples Center and Home Depot Center in Los Angeles later this week. X Games kicks off on August 2nd and will go through August 5th. That’s Los Angeles chiropractor, Michael Dorausch with big trick BMX superstar Ryan Nyquist, in a previous event photo. Nyquist holds the most Dirt medals in the history of X and Dorausch has likely provided chiropractic care to more BMX pros than any chiropractor on the planet, having traveled with athletes for many BMX dirt and extreme sports events.

Planet Chiropractic will have articles later this week regarding X Games 13, chiropractic care, and the insane level of training these guys go through in preparation for competition.

So the 104th Tour de France is complete and we’re ripping right into August. Can you believe we are less than two weekends away from preseason in the NFL? There is a Hall of Fame game with New Orleans versus Pittsburgh on Sunday, August 5 at 8 p.m. and week one of preseason Pro football is on Thursday night, August 9th with games between Indianapolis and Dallas, and Cincinnati at Detroit.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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