Chiropractors Care to Leave Comments

By Daria Belov

Dozens of chiropractors woke up Monday morning, the fifth of May, 2008 (Cinco de Mayo) to the discovery that a new opportunity existed to tell the world about their chiropractic practice. Within hours, word was spreading via RSS feeds and forwarded e-mails that a popular chiropractic website was going to begin writing featured articles about chiropractors and the towns they practice in. The activity wouldn’t even make a tiny blip in the world of traditional social media, but inside a niche group like the chiropractic profession, a simple post made to a chiropractic blog can move among inside circles rapidly, especially when users are engaged in contributing and spreading information.

Woman signing in for chiropractic care(photo: a woman signing in at a chiropractor’s office for her chiropractic adjustment)

As the Internet grows as a social platform, business owners such as chiropractors are engaging in numerous online activities that connect themselves with the communities they serve. Call it getting social, call it Web 2.0, or simply call it communication, doctors of chiropractic are only one example of niche or vertical industries utilizing the power of online community building to spread their message of health and natural living.

The post was simple, Dr. Michael Dorausch (founder of Planet Chiropractic) openly shared the difficulties he has been having in gathering up-to-date address information for chiropractors, and connecting those chiropractors with the general public. The post, titled: Chiropractors offered a unique incentive for visiting chiropractors to share their website and office information. Dr. Dorausch basically decided that beginning in June, Planet Chiropractic would begin presenting articles written about local chiropractors practicing throughout the world. The chiropractors being featured in the articles would come directly from office and contact information provided by doctors of chiropractic in the comments section of the blog post.

Last time I checked, Dr. Michaels chiropractor blog post had 18 comments, including those from chiropractors practicing as far away as Lima Peru. The current list features chiropractors from Lancaster California, Bolingbrook Illinois, Weatherford Texas, Huntington Beach California, Tustin California, Vaughan Ontario, Seattle Washington, Salinas California, Lantana Florida, and other chiropractic office locations throughout the United States and Canada.

With typical blog posts receiving only two or three comments, I must admit I was surprised to see nearly 20 appearing within just a few hours of the post going live. Looks like the Planet Chiropractic office is going to have to organize a twice weekly effort just to get news out featuring the chiropractors that have participated so far. I am excited to see how many others will be posting comments.

The chiropractic blog post I’m talking about is available here. @ 12:33 pm | Article ID: 1210016024