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Chiropractic Blogging like it’s 1999

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Taking a walk down history lane on what parts of the website looked like 10 years ago. Amazing to think that we’ve been at it for more than a decade now, and today even our news archives feature a full 10 years of solid content that has been posted near daily since June of 1999.

Chances are you don’t recall how things looked on our chiropractic of planets back in the 1990s. I had an affirmation in 1999 that I’ve repeated each day. The affirmation was Fresh Content Daily. That was the simple goal set out from around the time of December 1998. The goal was to create some form of fresh html based content on a daily occurrence. If I didn’t spend 1994 through 1998 playing Doom and Duke Nukem 3-D there probably would have been even more content. I pretty much stopped playing computer games around the time I put my focus on the website. It was a worthwhile sacrifice.


That’s what a screenshot from the news archives look like in 1999. At least the ones that were posted by me (Dr. Mike). Back then, articles simply had a title, the author name, and the time of the post, as well as a date for each group of articles posted that day. I like the one that reads “Internet will change doctor-patient relationships” knowing it has become a reality in 2009.

It’s 10 years later and many healthcare professionals still believe ADHD maybe over diagnosed in children. There is also still quite a few concerns regarding ADHD medication safety. Look at the headlines from August 22 and ask yourself if drug-resistant staph bacteria is still on the rise. One only has to perform a Google News search for the term to see that 10 years later it still appears in quite a few news headlines. It is not as popular a topic right now, since so many are focused on Swine Flu a.k.a. the H1N1 virus.

10 years later do you think drug manufacturers still continue to seek pushing chemicals on the market without valid scientific evidence supporting their product? Today, both homeopathic and drug company manufactured products are under the gun when it comes to searching news related to pharmaceutical fraud.

Searching in 1999 — If you landed on our website in 1999, you had a whopping six choices for searching the Internet from our site. There is a screenshot below that shows a drop down box on our home page allowing people to search across six different engines. Those sites included Alta Vista, Excite, Goto, Infoseek, Lycos and Yahoo. I think about that time in 1998-1999, Alta Vista was our number one source of search traffic. How times have changed.


Of those six engines shown above, only Yahoo remains as a popular search destination. 10 years later we have Google dominating search along with Microsoft Bing challenging the behemoth engine for a slice of the search engine pie.

The above two screenshots show white pages with black text combined with shades of blue. Around late 1999 we went all black for about a six month period. Anybody remember what the site looked like then? I had even forgotten about much of the design created in the 1990s, but just yesterday I came across an about page which says a bit about what we had set out to do.


Planet Chiropractic is a growing information network for the chiropractic professional. Chiropractors, students, and staff worldwide are logging onto Planet Chiropractic to access updated information on news and events related to the chiropractic profession. Planet Chiropractic offers a unique service by providing users with up to date information on a regular basis. The Planet Chiropractic website is dynamic as the news and event information we bring you is refreshed daily. We do all the work in gathering information so that you can focus on other things.

I really like this… “Planet Chiropractic was launched with the intent of connecting more chiropractors with their colleagues and to increase awareness and involvement in the worldwide chiropractic community.”

At the bottom of the about page I found a personal message that looked as though it was my signature on pages for people visiting the website. There’s something to learn from dedicating years of your life to service in an endeavor that you’re passionate about.


10 years later one message I have for you still rings true…

May your days be abundant and your lives filled with passion.

Chiropractic Domain Acquisitions

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Planet Chiropractic added two chiropractic related domains yesterday, to a list of acquisitions made over the course of the past few months. The first was a chiropractic website for chiropractor Brandon Takahashi of Takahashi Chiropractic in West Los Angeles. I had built a chiropractic website for him back in 2001, which featured information for his then Malibu office and chiropractic office in West LA. Like I’ve seen lots of other chiropractors do, Dr. Takahashi didn’t renew his domain, and it was deleted from the registry as a result.

This is something I see chiropractors do far too often, and I admit I’ve had some domains I’ve lost on my own, because I’ve forgotten where the information was, or I registered the domain using my old chiropractic office address in downtown Los Angeles. Don’t let this happen to you, keep your domain information in one place (that goes for me as well) and if you only have a handful of domains, consider registering them for 5 to 10 years in advance. That way you greatly decrease the odds that it’s going to expire.

What some people don’t realize is that when a domain expires, the website hosted basically disappears. It may still be available via an IP address FTP account, but it won’t be viewable on the World Wide Web. I found a copy of Dr. Takahashi’s site archived online, and apparently someone else had as well.

After the domain had expired another individual picked up the domain (you have probably seen this many times) and put different information on it. We recently contacted the individual and convinced them to transfer the domain to Planet Chiropractic, since it was us who had created the original website template (it had been re-uploaded and was back in use, along with our copyright information).

Keep an eye on your domain ownership – that’s the lesson here.

The other case is a domain that was very similar to (which forwards here). The domain was collecting some of the content being created and posted on planet chiropractic news. My concern was that the domain and the content it was displaying may be creating duplicate content issues that could have been creating negatively affecting search engine rankings for our content. I’ve dealt with scrapers before, in all sorts of different ways, but this one turned out to be quite easy.

The domain was owned by a non-chiropractor who was a self-proclaimed fan of chiropractic care. They weren’t running any advertising on the site, but they were pulling quite a bit of content from our site (without written permission), and reproducing it as their own. After a few phone calls and some discussion we convinced the domain owner to shut the site down and give us access so we could initiate a 301 redirect. That makes for a much better user experience and less confusion for those seeking information related to Planet Chiropractic on the Web.

Lesson here was that a few phone calls and being polite can often times payoff in resolving simple misunderstandings. Moving forward!

Keyphrases used on search engines

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“Keyphrases used on search engines” is what the title bar reads when I’m checking log files for I discussed a similar topic, top 10 search keyphrases, a few weeks ago. In that post, all of the terms consisted of more than two words, except for the term chiropractic. The list of phrases I’m going to address here are from the month of June 2008 log files, but they are not necessarily ones from the top 10 (which doesn’t change often).

1. planet chiropractic — That’s a popular search term that results in visitors to the homepage. A number of people type chiropractic planet (as in which ends up in the same place (thanks to 301 redirection of the URL).

Apparently, people also type the full URLs ( and into browser bars on search engines. I always found it interesting that people would rely on the results of a search engine rather than a direct URL query. Such a practice may not always get you to the destination you seek. One example that continues to appear in our search logs is a great number of searches for, which includes a top Google result leading to this page on presidential campaign website success secrets.

2. candice michelle — It’s been more than two years since I believe the first Candace Michelle related news appeared on Planet Chiropractic. The previously linked article, along with this one about her chiropractic husband, continue to get lots of visitors. Her name may not appear as a chiropractic search term until one sees how many conferences she attends.

3. chiropractic salary — A search for chiropractic salary information mostly results and visitors to the salary of a chiropractor articles. Some people skip straight to the stats on salaries (which is really part of the same article) and I’ve noticed people also landing on this practice growing article, and this employment resources summary article.

4. chiropractic jobs — In a way this is similar to the above search phrase but my gut tells me people searching “chiropractic jobs” are more interested in work related information (like that posted in the chiropractic classifieds) rather than articles on salaries and education. Performing a search through the news archives, there is a couple of dozen articles related to jobs in general.

5. paz espiritual — If you don’t speak Spanish you may not be aware that paz espiritual translates as spiritual peace. Why are people visiting Planet Chiropractic seeking such a term? That’s why it’s a good idea to check search logs. Doing my own search I discovered an article by Dr. Edwin Cordero, which included the terms paz mental, paz espiritual in the article title. It’s a Spanish authored article about chiropractic. On further investigation I found there’s about a dozen articles featuring the phrase.

6. scoliosis and chiropractic — There is a featured planetchiropractic article from quite some time ago (I believe 2000) on the topic of scoliosis and chiropractic. People are still reading that article every day, which was authored by a kid in middle school (who received press in local papers), writing regarding his and his sister’s experiences with scoliosis and chiropractic care.

7. tiger woods chiropractic — Tiger Woods related searches increased right after the U.S. Open. Those searches resulted in finding articles related to the 2006 British Open, the 2007 PGA championship, and others.

8. words beginning with the letter x — Would you believe people are searching for words beginning with the letter X? Probably the most popular x beginning word in the chiropractic profession is xray (or x-ray). I don’t know what XPS stands for but my old Dell laptop continues receiving search traffic.

9. disappearance of bees — An article by Dr. Darrel Crain is fairly popular for people seeking information regarding the mysterious disappearance of bees. The piece is more about pharmaceuticals than it is about insects, but it’s a good read.

10. jenny mccarthy vaccines — Searches for topics related to vaccines and vaccination have been popular on planet chiropractic since the news launched in June of 1999. Jenny McCarthy has brought a lot more attention to the discussion of vaccines and autism and search traffic is showing she’s doing a good job of getting the word out.

11. san francisco womens marathon — I did not find many articles related to that key phrase, but the most relevant one would be the Nikes women’s marathon in San Francisco (2007). It’s likely to be around the same weekend dates for the month of October in 2008.

A few other terms I didn’t get to go into detail on include montel williams, crystal meth babies, california chiropractors, mua certification, and lance armstrong. That’s it for my June review.

Career and Contininuing Edu

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I’m at an internet conference in Santa Clara today and someone from the platform was speaking about image in search. They were saying that sometims people find articles based on image searches and that people should be paying closer attention to the images that exist inside their content.

chiropractic photo checking neck I performed some searches on articles appearing on Planet Chiropractic and our Blog Pages to see which articles may be getting additional traffic as a result of the photos imbededded into the posts.

The first article I found was about Career Nights for people seeking to become chiropractors. I may not post about it often enough but the are frequently career nights that people can attend, taking place all over the US.

Yesterday I mentioned Sharon Gorman and Focus events she puts on Pennsylvania. While those events are not specifically geared towards careers in chiropractic, they are great events to attend (providing an opportunity for potential chiropractic students meet chiropractors) and I’d recommend checking them out.

On the topic of images, there was a nice image showing chiropractic education included in the article. A 2nd article, which was about continuing education, received some traffic for image searches as well. That article featured a photo that was taken in my LA office a couple of years ago.

The article is a brief guide to continuing edu taking place in the United States. Check out the events pages for more info about educational seminars for chiropractors.

This article on blood pressure and chiropractic also did well for image search. The image from that article is here. Curious that all other articles I found so far doing well for image search included photos of woman. Don’t know yet if that is a coincidence or not. Have to review more stats.

2007 Tour de France X Games 13 and Shark Week

The news is in on the Tour de France with Alberto Contador, the 24 year-old cyclist for American Discovery Channel, claiming victory. Contador beat his closest competitor by only 23 seconds, the second narrowest time recorded in the tour’s history. You can read Planet Chiropractic coverage related to the tour here: 2007 Tour de France Chiropractic

Can you believe that today marks 20 years of shark week on the Discovery Channel? We don’t have any shark related chiropractic news but it’s become traditional to see shark related stories in the news around the same time the Tour de France completes, which we’ve had articles about over the past seven years. There is other news besides that of bull sharks, great whites, and cyclists in France…

Ryan Nyquist Michael DorauschX Games 13 rocks the Staples Center and Home Depot Center in Los Angeles later this week. X Games kicks off on August 2nd and will go through August 5th. That’s Los Angeles chiropractor, Michael Dorausch with big trick BMX superstar Ryan Nyquist, in a previous event photo. Nyquist holds the most Dirt medals in the history of X and Dorausch has likely provided chiropractic care to more BMX pros than any chiropractor on the planet, having traveled with athletes for many BMX dirt and extreme sports events.

Planet Chiropractic will have articles later this week regarding X Games 13, chiropractic care, and the insane level of training these guys go through in preparation for competition.

So the 104th Tour de France is complete and we’re ripping right into August. Can you believe we are less than two weekends away from preseason in the NFL? There is a Hall of Fame game with New Orleans versus Pittsburgh on Sunday, August 5 at 8 p.m. and week one of preseason Pro football is on Thursday night, August 9th with games between Indianapolis and Dallas, and Cincinnati at Detroit.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Things are going to be happening here (really!)

OK, so things have been slow. Not for me, but on these pages. Things are coming online soon, I promise.

Some cool features here involve the use of RSS. You can use Internet Explorer 7.0 and click on any of the RSS links or click “subscribe” at the top of this page (on your browser bar) and can then add content from the chiropractic blog pages to your active bookmarks.

More on RSS and how it is being used at Planet Chiropractic coming up.
Update: You can subscribe to the Planet Chiropractic XML Chiropractic News RSS feed here.

Chiropractic Products and Jim Sigafoose Talk

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Once upon a time there was nearly nothing available on CD in the world of Chiropractic Philosophy. As a chiropractic student of the early 1990s, most of what we listened to was on audio cassette tape and sometimes VHS video. In the mid 1990s I set out to change that by digitally recording a talk by Dr. James Sigafoose and making it available on CD and via mp3 download.

Let's Talk About ChiropracticI’ll have a link to the mp3 file here but the CD is no longer available for purchase, although it was a beautifully created product (for the time). In it’s making, I flew from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania to record a talk Dr. Sigafoose was giving for a group of patients (about 400 in attendance).

I remember purchasing a high end DAT digital recorder, digital video camera, and 2 expensive microphones. Looking back I could probably do the same today with far fewer expenses, but the experience provided great value to me personally.

It was quite an experience to see some 400 people in attendance to listen to a chiropractor speak on chiropractic, something Sigafoose had been doing for decades.

It was also an experience for a young chiropractor to spend quality one on one time with one of the greats. Discussions of chiropractic over a ham & eggs breakfast in a local Pennsylvania restaurant was a real treat.

Today it’s online video and digital downloads, and I’m cool with that too. Let’s just get the word out.

2000 and a Chiropractic Year in Review

January 01, 2001 (or 010101)

My Perspective
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Enjoy our first featured article of 2001. Join us as we look back on the incredible chiropractic year that has just past. This article is a great way to test-drive many of our new features and view our new site design. Thank you for your continued support, which makes all this possible.

Remember Y2K? I remember it well. I spent the week before the New Year searching for bugs in our computer systems. I was especially concerned about our news service, as we had thought the news articles might possibly go from a date of 1999 to 1900. Well, that never happened. Instead, our news server thought the year was now 19000! We had some quick work to do, and thanks to Grant (the main news programmer) we had a solution in a few hours. For the most part, fears of Y2K just fizzled away.

It was in early January when we reported with news that U.S. health spending in 1998 had increased by more than five percent over the previous year. I’m sure we will hear that this year’s spending was even greater than that reported last year.

On Monday, Jan. 17th, 2000, we lost a great chiropractic leader. Dr. Galen Price.

Dr. Price was the fourth president at the Palmer College of Chiropractic, and was the first president who is not a member of the Palmer family. Remembering Dr. Price, the current President of the College, Dr. Guy Riekeman, offered the following:

“Galen Price changed the world by planting ideas in generation after generation of chiropractic students. He taught my father, he taught me, he taught the profession. He was kind and gentle, witty and caring, strong in principle; a colleague, a mentor, a friend. The world and our profession have lost an irreplaceable gem; today we will mourn, tomorrow we will celebrate, but for all time let’s not forget the gift he gave – the gift that was his life.”

It was in January that we brought you news of an article that appeared on a web site, suggesting that accidental death was more likely from an M.D. than a gun owner. The article stated that a medical doctor was approximately 9000 times more dangerous than a gun owner.

On the Monday morning of February 7th, 2000, the chiropractic profession lost one of the most determined and principled individuals the profession had come to know. Dr. Herbert Ross Reaver. Dr. Reaver was widely known as the world’s “most jailed chiropractor” as he stood strong for the principle that was his life. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Reaver and his wife Millie back in 1997 while I was a chiropractic student. It was a memorable experience.

It was in February that the New England Journal of Medicine publicly apologized for reportedly violating their conflict of interest policy 19 times during the past three years. We were to hear many related articles of conflict of interest, medical journals, drug companies, and the FDA, throughout the year.

In March, Dr. Will Brooks brought us photographs from his chiropractic mission to Nicaragua along with an article describing his “stuck” experience.

“My patients in Nicaragua were a mixed lot. Young to old, healthy to infirm, mothers suckling their babies that they would hold as I adjusted them, people on crutches that would wander over in curiosity from the bus stop in front of the church, ministers, members of the group that I was traveling with, announcers from the local radio station who were at the church to cover the meetings for their listeners, a welder that momentarily stopped his repair of the axle of a horse-drawn wagon, shoe cobblers at their benches in open air markets, and a seemingly endless procession of people with deep, beautiful brown eyes.”

On March 31st, news that the medically based, multi million dollar funded web site was in financial trouble. Who would have known that the market would take such a downturn for so many dot coms from that point on and throughout the rest of the year?

And if you were watching basketball or CNN in late March, you would have seen none other than Dr. Sid Williams, President of Life University in Marietta, Georgia, featuring a big, smiling face. The Life University basketball team had just won their second straight NAIA basketball title. CNN reported, “Something decidedly different is going on at Life Chiropractic University.”

In April, Arnold Schwarzenegger D.C., (honorary) once again was a featured speaker at the International Chiropractors Association Symposium on Natural Fitness. The symposium also featured eight times Mr. Olympian champion, Lee Haney.

It was also in April that Dr. Michelle Whitney was voted the Canadian Chiropractor’s Chiropractor of the Year. Dr. Michelle stated that “Chiropractic is based on this vitalistic principle, not some watered down, mainstream model which has been proposed in order for chiropractors to become accepted as a profession.”

On May 22nd, 2000, twenty-two chiropractors from across the United States tended to thousands of people in the country of Costa Rica. It was another CREW chiropractic mission. The mission was the result of hard work and determination from many, but mostly from Lina Ocon and Drs. Luis Ocon and James Sigafoose.

Chiropractors in Costa Rica

In June, the chiropractic profession received word that Dr. Reggie Gold had suffered a stroke. Thankfully, Reggie recovered back to his philosophical self and was recently in Orange County California to close out the OCCP Philosophy Society’s monthly chiropractic event. Listen to Reggie’s message for the millennium.

Also in June, Planet Chiropractic brought you photos from the May mission to Costa Rica. And in late June, we received word that Elizabeth Hurley was going to play a D.C. in the movie “Double Whammy“, starring Elizabeth, Denis Leary, and Steve Buscemi.

July’s big news was of Lance Armstrong and his second victory in the Tour De France. While the world heard the story of Lance, his victory, and his battle with testicular cancer, Planet Chiropractic brought you news of Lance Armstrong and his chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Spencer. Armstrong stating that “he could not have won without Jeff’s help.”

But the biggest news in July was that of the Gerry Factor. In a year when some chiropractic colleges changed their names to suit their mediocrity and decline in student enrollment, Dr. Gerry Clum stood tall, and along with hundreds celebrated the opening of a new multimillion-dollar Life West Chiropractic College campus.

Summer was a time of Olympics and an Olympic commitment from Dr. John Johnston, chiropractor to the Clark sisters. Many chiropractors cared for Olympic athletes this past year. It was in August, at the Florida Chiropractic Society annual summer event that I was reminded of our Olympic commitment to our great chiropractic family.

With September came chiropractic awareness month, and a month-long celebration of 105 years of glorious principled chiropractic. And on September 18th, we celebrated that 105th birthday worldwide. It was in late September that we brought you news of Barbara Loe Fisher speaking out on vaccination at New Beginnings, a chiropractic philosophy weekend program that just kicks philosophical butt.

The beginning of October marked our most controversial article to date. I still chuckle thinking about. We reported on Youthful Tendency Disorder also known as YTD. While YTD was a made up diagnosis, (what di-agnosis isn’t?) some took the article very seriously. Guess what? Chicken butt!

Also in October we brought you news of Drs. Douglas Di Siena and Robert Schuller and the publishing of their HarperCollins book titled Possibility Living: Adding Years Your Life and Life to Years with God’s Health Plan.

For myself, October was one of the most magical years of my life. I was on my 5th chiropractic mission along with DC’s that over the past few years have become some of my closest friends. This time we were back in Panama and we were not alone. Twenty-six chiropractors in Panama City during a period of about 36 hours, along with the help of dozens and possibly hundreds of organizers, adjusted and bonded with some 90,000 Panamanians. Hard to believe, but the solidified knowing of this experience has permeated every fiber of my being. It was the salt in my chiropractic knot. Thanks to Panama Cable and Wireless, a Sony VX 1000, and some laptop computers, Planet Chiropractic News didn’t miss a beat. We logged more volume on our web site during that week from chiropractors worldwide, tuning in to follow the event, than ever before. Just one more example of the power of the Internet and the power of chiropractic!

It was news of Phenylpropanolamine, also known as PPA, hitting the worldwide news wires that gave our news service its greatest test yet. I remember spending the weekend scouring for information as to what over-the-counter medications contained this PPA ingredient. The volume on our web site after the release of our first public service announcement took us to new levels and attracted an entirely new audience. Hundreds of people searching the internet were asking what we knew of PPA, and more importantly, people were asking us where they could find a chiropractor.

In December we published an article by Dr. Jeffrey Needham, which highlighted his thoughts on the “misdirected faith.” Dr. Jeffrey wrote a fabulous chiropractic article. We also brought you Reggie and his chiropractic message for the millennium; Reggie said chiropractic is like sex

Dr. Jim Sigafoose

In December, we also published several articles authored by Dr. James Sigafoose, along with 30 minutes of audio that was listened to during the holidays at points many thousands of miles away from the computer in which the zeros and ones that were to become the message from Dr. Sigafoose to the world.

I found both Reggie Gold and James Sigafoose to be highly appropriate messengers to wrap up our year in Chiropractic 2000. Be sure to visit our multimedia page so that you can listen to both Reggie and Sig.

And now it’s 2001

But where do we go from here? What’s to be of chiropractic and Planet Chiropractic this year? Will we grow as chiropractors? Will our profession come together as a team and accomplish greatness? Will you affect positive change on the world this year?

I look forward to the year ahead and welcome you in becoming an active participant on Planet Chiropractic this year.

The best to all of you, to your family, and your community in this abundant and healthful year!