No Excuse For Irresponsibility

By Sharon Gorman, D.C.

Dr. Sharon GormanGive me a job that I know that I can do or at least think that I have a shot at being able to do and get out of my way and let me get to work. After a while I figured out that there isn’t a whole heck of a lot of things that I would like to do that I can’t get done especially after I learned the fine art of delegating and empowering so that I can rally a team when necessary. So many people don’t know they can do it. They don’t believe it so there is no way that they can achieve it. Give me a ball and I’ll run with it. I’m never happier in life then when I ‘m running with the ball. I pray for opportunities to serve and opportunities to make a difference. I don’t think that you are much different then me. So many of us hold back in fear that we might give and that we won’t get back from life what we give in return. That is impossible for me. The feeling that I get while giving alone is worth the giving. I would have to break one of the rules of the universe in order to not get back what I give out. Now that is no excuse for irresponsibility especially when it come to my chiropractic practice. I am responsible that all the i’s get dotted and all the t’s get crossed and that my office systems are getting employed by the people that work on my team. In other words I’ve got to make sure I get paid for what I do and for my service. I don’t think that there is anything holy about being poor if I am serving. I believe that if you don’t arrange (that is part of the service you have to do in your practice) for the exchange to occur with your patients then you are robbing them the opportunity to be in even exchange with you and that doesn’t serve them or serve you either. If you break that law of exchange eventually they will quit coming to you or you will quit wanting to be their Chiropractor or even to bring that to the whole practice, you will get tired of serving if you are out of proper exchange.

When it comes to organization or volunteer work the most important thing is that you get acknowledged and encouraged and that you learn to respect and acknowledge the others involved too. You might not agree with others especially when it comes to politics but you have got to respect them. You have to rise above seeing them as the victimizer and your group as the victims. That doesn’t work. You have to take on the situation as a challenge. You have just got to out work them. Your team needs to come together and become part of the system if you want to change it.

This work is incredibly rewarding. As Chiropractors it is essential that we step up. If we step up before there is a crisis then maybe we wouldn’t have so many crisis. We need to act more and re-act less. If we can’t spend a lot of time for some reason then we should spend a little time. Some energy should be spent in this direction. I feel it is a necessity for our survival or the survival of any industry such as ours. If nothing else then pay dues. Support your alma mater, your state chiropractic association, your national chiropractors association. If you can’t afford to then you have to look at your practice or your priorities. If you practice isn’t such that you can afford it then you need to look at that. It would probably do you good hanging out with the people who are out there serving. Those people who have time to serve their profession very often are the same workers who have successful practices. I always like the expression, “If you want something done then give it to someone busy to do.” My life is not poorer because I serve in my profession, it is bigger and richer. True I have to guard myself from not creating boundaries so that I can have balance in my life. That is another challenge that I get to master as a result of wanting to get out and make a difference. The rewards are incredible. I have learned so much it has been like a training experience. I have learned to have direction. I have learned to communicate clearly and to make sure the words that come out of my mouth are not words that I will end up having to eat. I have become more efficient at delegating and have created a solid team in my office so that when I am not there my office runs like a fined tuned machine. I have jumped over so many hurdles in my personality because I don’t have time or energy to mess with them. My old stuff has gotten in my way and it gets boring dealing with the same junk over and over. I see the significance of getting out of my own way to get a job done. I see where my work is significant and I see my life as significant. I am not bored doing the same stuff the same way all of the time. Life is always challenging me. I win some, I lose some. I’m in the game.

People ask me “How do you take time away from your family?” The truth is that if they weren’t taken care of I couldn’t do anything else. They are first. I’m in the office three days a week, gone about a weekend a month and otherwise I’m all theirs. I have three daughters and don’t forget my son, how can you forget him. My sense of purpose and confidence serves as such a role model for them. They see what I am accomplishing in my life and how happy I am with my sense of purpose and they are creating that in their lives too. They are proud of mom and I am a role model for them. I realize the gift that they are and I appreciate the time that we are together and they appreciate me. They know that I am not “stuck” with them but rather I choose to be with them. Can’t end this paragraph until I mention Ron. He serves as much as me just in a different way. He has sacrificed his career for now in order to make our home life his career. See there are many different ways of serving. He is serving our family. As long as he is busy he is happy. I’ve learned a lot from him. So I need to end this Monday Morning Message so that I can jump back into life and make a difference in the world and hopefully spread some love along the way.

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