The “Spin” on the truth about cancer therapy

By Sal Martingano M.S., D.C.

(note: this is not an article on chiropractic but the principle applies.)

Ever since I started my journey in HC I noticed that it was increasingly difficult to find the actual facts. You would think that the facts would be easy to find. Actually, the facts are easy to find it’s just that they are buried in a twisted maze of special interest groups. Let me give you an example: the fact is that no one has been able to cure the common cold, yet we see and hear medical advertisements selling products that treat the common cold. The fact is we see advertisements that claim to treat everything from baldness to the heartbreak of psoriasis.

First of all, the problem lies in the difference between treating a condition and curing a condition. The average person does not see the difference; all they want is to feel better. The pharmaceutical industry is almost totally supported by this concept. We have drugs that can do just about anything to the body; however they are all disguised as treatments not cures. So why is this important? The importance is that treatments cannot give answers as to why the problem exists in the first place.

Secondly, the people who are in control over the destiny of our health care system want people to be confused. Dr. Bob Mendelsohn in his book “confessions of a medical heretic”, talks about his profession as the “religion of modern medicine” whereas the doctors are the high priests and our hospitals are its temples. His point was that people do not question religion or its principles, they simply follow the path that has been set for them. Likewise, the direction that medicine has set for us is the path that they want no one to question. As soon as people question, they have to explain, and the answer is not always what they want people to know. Keeping control over the situation requires people to simply follow and not question.

Thirdly, we have agencies in healthcare that have total dictatorship over what we can and cannot do. For instance, the food in drug administration was established to protect the people from food in products that can be potentially harmful to them. Yet, when products and formulas are introduced that are not made from chemicals, or pharmaceutical companies, but are organic in nature, meaning they are from nature itself, this same food in drug administration does not approve them for use because there are no studies that show their effectiveness in treating diseases. Now here is where you have to put your thinking on and listen very carefully to what I just said. “These natural substances are not approved treatments for diseases.” The food in drug administration first of all, is not test anything. Their job is to review the data from the pharmaceutical companies and what ever studies they provide, and then pass judgment as to whether the product is safe for the public. Also, the food in drug administration knows full well the difference between a treatment and cure. Most natural products are sold as treatments but in fact, they are designed to cure. I know this all sounds like doubletalk but the truth is, if people knew the real truth about the difference between treatment and cure, they probably would not follow the traditional medical path.

You see, that’s why I started this conversation by talking about “spin”. Spin, is how you make an untruth look like the truth. In order to get people to do certain things, they have to be fooled and in some cases convinced that what they are doing is correct, and is the only approved way to do things. Spin in medicine, can be extremely dangerous and some cases deadly. Let’s take the disease of cancer and see just how spin can be deadly. The American Cancer Society for over 35 years has been saying that “we are so close to cure” and with additional research we can find a cure for this deadly disease. Now, hearing this from the American Cancer Society, people have no choice but to say, I hope you succeed and I’m behind you 100%. But here’s what people didn’t hear. Thirty-five years ago cancer affected one in 500 people. Today, cancer affects one in three. What they also didn’t hear was that one of the mission statements of the American Cancer Society is to come up with the best treatment plans for the disease. To date, the only “approved” treatment plans are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. To date, there hasn’t been a single “cure” for any cancer. So here’s where the spin comes in. People are under the impression that the American Cancer Society and all of the cancer research centers around the country are actively trying to affect a “cure” for cancer, yet the truth is that all of the research has moved towards the “treatment” of cancer. To date, approximately one-third of the 1.3 trillion dollar health-care bill goes into cancer treatment.

What do you suppose would happen, if a medical cure for cancer is found? Wouldn’t you think that the medical community would have a year-long celebration? Wouldn’t you think that the American Cancer Society would finally say “I told you so”? Well, let’s look at the reality of finding a cure. What would happen to all of the cancer treatment centers? What would happen to all of the cancer research centers? What would happen to all of the medical funds and grants earmarked for cancer research? What would happen to all of the industries that have been developed toward the treatment of cancer? What would happen to all of the medical personnel, the oncologists, and hospice, the thousands of radiation and chemotherapy centers around the world? What would happen is that the medical establishment would collapse. After all, what would you do with all this stuff if a Magic Pill can be found?

So let’s look at the reality. Where is the incentive for a cure? Answer, there really is none. For that matter, where is the incentive to cure diabetes, AIDS or attention deficit disorder? Answer, there is none. Now please understand that I am not saying that medical doctors are not interested in finding a cure. What I am saying is that medical science makes its money on the treatment of disease and not the cure of disease. Therefore, the medical doctors are caught in a trap. How can they work towards a cure, if the tools that are provided to them, are established as a treatment? You see ladies and gentlemen, the “spin” in medicine is that everyone and every industry is working towards a cure when the facts are that they are working to provide better treatments.

This only leads to one conclusion, that disease and sickness is what drives our medical health-care system. Healthy people do not fill hospitals. Healthy people do not need drugs. Healthy people only need surgery in emergency conditions. Healthy people would actually destroy the fabric of our health-care system and of course the stream of money that endlessly flows into the system.

Now that I painted this picture for you, are you now beginning to see what it is that we’re really doing in healthcare? Now that I’ve given you the bad news about the “spin” in healthcare, I’ll give you some good news. What if I told you that there are dozens of cures for cancer already available? What if I told you that cancer is not a disease of bad luck or an inevitable fact of getting old but instead, the result of an impaired immune system. What if I told you that certain parts of your blood are devoted to removing cancer cells wherever they are? As you might know already, cancer cells are in your body every day and in every person. The good news is that your body already has the mechanism to destroy the cancer cells before they can grow. Our blood system contains red and white blood cells. In short, the red cells feed oxygen to the body; the white cells protect the body from disease, infection and sickness. What protects us from cancer cells are the lymphocytes located in our white blood cells and there are many of them each with a specific purpose. When the lymphocytes are within normal range, cancer cells cannot survive. When lymphocytes drop off, cancer cells can develop a home. Now you don’t need to be a genius to connect the dots. If you find a way to protect the lymphocytes you will be healthier. However, drugs, antibiotics, processed foods, smoking, and in some cases immunizations, etc., cause lymphocytes to drop off and we open to infection and disease.

So what would be of the reason why our health-care system would not capitalize on strengthening our natural immune system? The answer unfortunately is that there is no money in strengthening our immune system. Sure we talk about strengthening the immune system but when it comes to fighting diseases like cancer, we are told the only approved treatments are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Let me give you a specific example to make a point. The average cost for the initial hospital stay for the medical treatment of a malignant brain cancer, from detection to the beginning of the treatment protocol is between 75 and $100,000. That is only for the use of the hospital and its facilities. The doctor bills for surgery, follow-ups, and rehabilitation because of the surgery can be an additional $150,000. That’s approximately $250,000 without the costs of future drugs. Now compare that to the cost of the initial intensive development of the lymphocytes in your white blood cells, the natural products that are available and the diagnostic lab work to monitor the condition, and the cost is about $2500. So, let’s connect the dots. Traditional medical treatment for the brain cancer can exceed $300,000. The natural approach costs about $2500. So what do you think the incentive would be for medical industry, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, or the natural approach?

Let me add one more piece of information to consider. Radiation and chemotherapy completely destroys the immune system and the lymphocytes during treatment. This means if you choose the standard approved treatment protocol’s first, you can not try immunotherapy because there are no lymphocytes left to build up. Therefore, even with the traditional methods, the end result is usually death to the patient, with or without any extension of life and the possibility of loss of quality of life during the period of time. The end result by allowing the lymphocytes to destroy the cancer cells is that the patient lives, no side effects and no loss of quality of life. With this information, wouldn’t it seem natural to try natural approach is first? It would, if your income didn’t depend on using traditional approaches. That’s why when you ask your oncologist if he would consider using alternative therapies the usual response is, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it because the only approved therapies are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. The clincher is that even if you still have doubts, the oncologist would in still as much fear in you possible by saying, “if this was my father I would begin radiation immediately while we still have a chance”.

I’m not telling you this story because I am totally against the medical professions approach because truthfully, without surgery sometimes, you would never get the chance to try immuno therapy. I am telling you this story out of a personal experience with a family member. After going through the guilt trip of even considering immuno therapy, the family was told that the only “approved” treatment was radiation and chemotherapy. The only question I had with the oncologist was, approved to do what? Will this cure the cancer? Answer, no. Will this give him a better quality of life? Answer, probably not. Will this extend his life? Answer, no he will die from his cancer. Then what possible objection could you have to try immuno therapy first? Answer, because it’s not an approved treatment.

Let me end this discussion about how the medical profession “spins” the facts by telling you that it’s not a miracle or rare occurrence that certain immuno therapy techniques cure cancer. The facts are that radiation and chemotherapy are not meant to cure, only to treat. Only the body can cure itself, through its own internal mechanisms. Lymphocytes are capable of curing every cancer known to mankind. Of course you’ll have to make your decision on your own based on the best information you have but as for me, the numbers and facts speak for themselves. @ 6:28 am | Article ID: 1047997686