Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner Program for 2012

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

“This revolutionary program will move chiropractors into the leadership role in the wellness field that we have always envisioned and always deserved.” – Dr. James L. Chestnut

We want to help make sure you are aware of the exciting opportunity opening up for you to advance into 2012! The landmark Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Science seminar series will launch its 2012 modules in Las Vegas, Nevada with Dr. James Chestnut – presenting Module 1 this February 11-12.

This is a very special opportunity to advance your knowledge, research resources and skills for understanding, explaining and implementing wellness lifestyle intervention strategies at significant and practical levels. Register now to benefit even more from this incredible program – become better equipped with leading-edge information, tools, insights, and strategies, all helping to position you as a wellness authority in your community!

Module I gives you a unique opportunity to revisit and build an even stronger foundation of insights and implementation in the essential aspects of the Chiropractic wellness paradigm and subluxation science. This seminar’s powerful, evidence-based combination of practical patient management applications, with ongoing references to an inspiring research record, helps you address urgent health issues in multiple clinical contexts that are vital elements of a dynamic chiropractic practice.

Enjoy the flexible, friendly program format with many special features, including –

  • This program includes special registration “Repeater Discounts” for previous attendees! There are also discounts for members of the Wellness Science Council and of ICA, as well as “Refresher Rates” for Certified CCWP doctors, and there is a special registration discount when signing up for all four modules in advance! Call ICA offices for details.
  • You can choose to coordinate your schedule, to start the program with any module and make up modules at other Wellness program locations – this year also presenting in Kansas City, Missouri and Boston, Massachusetts.
  • These Wellness Lifestyle modules provide the on-site seminar requisites of the curriculum leading to the Certified Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner (C.C.W.P.) certification. Credentialed through the ICA Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science, certification includes completing the four on-site modules, four home-study module assignments, and meeting the other requisites for certification through the Council, including a final Certification Examination.

    Don’t miss this special opportunity to build on your understanding and application of the essential elements of the chiropractic wellness paradigm with direct references from the research record, and reinforce your skills through this acclaimed program that is dedicated to advancing skills and expertise for enhanced case management choices and patient communications in key elements of chiropractic science, research, and care including nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.

    This program is presented in cooperation with Life Chiropractic College West, an internationally acclaimed chiropractic college (visit for rosters of state board approvals) so you can attend for continuing education credit in approved states as well as certification credit hours. And as you know, it also includes valuable information for staff members, who can register at special rates so that you may serve your patients in a coordinated chiropractic team approach!

    Register now and build a new foundation of chiropractic wellness for your patients this February 11-12 in Las Vegas!

    Feb 11-12 Module 1
    Apr. 28-29 Module 2
    June 23-24 Module 3
    Aug. 25-26 Module 4

    March 24-25 Module 1
    May 19-20 Module 2
    Aug. 18-19 Module 3
    Nov. 3-4 Module 4

    June 2-3 Module 1
    Ju1y 7-8 Module 2
    Sept. 15-16 Module 3
    Oct. 20-21 Module 4

    Credentialed by the ICA Council on Wellness Lifestyle Science

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