The “Golden Age” of Chiropractic

Ushering in The “Golden Age” of Chiropractic
by Sid Mouk, D.C.

Opportunity #3
(Our philosophy is incredibly powerful and our top adjusting techniques have been clinically tested and thoroughly proven.)

The great new wave of “Healing Philosophy” that is sweeping the western world is exciting and exhilarating. However, like any big happening on this planet, it does need strong leadership to bring out its fullest potential. At the present time, this new thinking seems to be searching for leadership and, so far, no clear leader has emerged. Chiropractic is in the perfect position to lead this forward thrust into the brave new world of Healing where the perfection of the body and its self-healing abilities are not only known and appreciated, but always used as the first step in the healing of any sick patient — with drugs and surgery being used only when body tissues are so damaged the patient’s Innate cannot perform it’s God-appointed duties in time to save the patient’s life.

Perhaps the teachings of Dr. Jim Parker can again aid us at this time in the history of this profession as we move toward our rightful place as the leader in the world of Healing on this planet. He reminded us that the essence of our being and the one thing that can transform our lives (profession) is the power of Agape Love. Love for our patients, love for this profession, and love for ourselves as we pursue this powerful objective through the minefields of medical ignorance and prejudice. He spoke of having Faith, Confidence, and Belief in what we do and who we are — and of the pride we should all have for having been chosen to be a part of this great profession at this time in it’s predestined history. He told us how to become not just a doctor but also a Healer (what he called “Healing Consciousness”.) Because of what Dr. Jim and so many other pioneers in this profession did and taught, we now have the opportunity to prove their sacrifices were not in vain — but were absolutely essential to the forward thrust Chiropractic is now poised to make in the world of Healing. We owe so much to these early pioneers in this field who were willing to stand up to persecution at the hands of the medical politicians and even go to jail for the sake of giving their patients the Chiropractic care they so desperately need. We stand on the shoulders of these giants as we ascend the ladder of Holistic Healing to the position that Chiropractic is destined to be — the very top of the world of Healing!

The words of the early Chiropractic pioneers now echo through the corridors of this profession: “Serve for the sake of serving, Give for the sake of giving, Love for the sake of loving”. They’ve done their part; it’s all up to us now.

Dr. Sid Mouk
Baton Rouge, LA
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