Chiropractic Fun Times

Sharing Fun Times At Dailey Chiropractic
By Super CA Lynne

We feel that when a patient steps through our front door it should be the most important part of their day. And with that in mind we go to extraordinary measures to make sure it is. Below are a few of the events in our office that helps to make us different.

In March we hold our “Winter Getaway Week”, for all of us who can’t get away to somewhere hot we bring the sun here. We decorate our office in a luau theme with fish, netting, beach towels and tropical plants all around. We hang travel posters everywhere of the places we would like to some day see. We wear our shorts and flowery shirts and have a Caribbean party all week long. It’s a blast! Sliced oranges are on the counter for our patient’s to enjoy, while they listen to their favorite Beach Boy tunes.

August is the month we have a “Patient Appreciation Day BBQ.” We invite our patients to come bring their families and let us cook lunch for them. We have hamburgers, turkey sausage, ice tea and lemonade (it always amazes me how many people can eat when it’s free.) We hold the BBQ between 11:30 and 1:30 on a Wednesday. I’m not sure who has more fun, the patients or us taking command of the BBQ grill, needless to say, by the time we are done we are covered in grease and smell like smoke. What a great way to get a tan on your lunch hour. We get patients to bring their lawn chairs and we have it in our parking lot.

In December, we hold our “Gift of Love and Patient Appreciation Day.” On this day Dr. D. donates his time and all patients are asked to bring an unwrapped gift in lieu of their regular payment. All gifts go to our city’s Christmas Baskets program for the less fortunate. (if a patient forgets to bring a gift we take their usual payment and donate that.) The office is warmed by the sound of Christmas carols, warm cider, and great Christmas snacks. Our hearts are warmed by the smile on the faces of the Christmas Basket people when we drop everything off.

A birthday celebration is held September 18 in honor of the first chiropractic adjustment. We decorate the office with balloons and have a huge cake for everyone. We give away Chiropractic First books (a great educational tool and very inexpensive) and spine key chains.

We have a back to school draw for a T-shirt for the kids too and a coloring contest.
“Chiropractic Kids Adjustment Club” business cards have been created, (the ones you make yourself from Business Depot) we put a cute kid’s design on them. The card reads: “Bring this card every time you have an adjustment. After 20 adjustments, you will receive chiropractic T-shirt. What a great way to let your friends know you’re under chiropractic care.” On the back of the card are the numbers 1-20, which we stamp each time the child has an adjustment. This has caused a lot of excitement in our office. Now, we have had some parents say, “It will take our kids a year to get a T-shirt only coming once a month.” My response, “recent chiropractic studies have shown in order to maintain optimal health, everyone should be checked on a weekly or bi-weekly basis”, (our office offers a reduced weekly and bi-weekly wellness plan fee, for patients who are committed to their care and to telling others about chiropractic.) So, as with everything in life, it’s all about choices.

These events are only advertised within our office. We don’t really do any outside advertising. Our greatest source of referrals is our patients. To celebrate our one-year anniversary in our new office we had a week where patients could bring in all their family members who were not under care for a complimentary Thermography scan.

Thanks for letting me share with you. These events just make our office a little extraordinary. We like our patients to look forward to coming to see us. They feel good here and then they tell others and then we grow.

Chiropractic is Life!

Super CA Lynne
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