Wednesday is Chiropractors Black Friday

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

We see the same patterns year after year. Thanksgiving week comes and the search is on for Black Friday deals from Target to Circuit City, Macy’s, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and many others. While we are not coming up with new turkey recipes and making travel plans for the week, we are figuring out ways of getting away from the workplace early, so as not to be stuck in frustrating traffic Wednesday night. In that whole mix of things, there’s the visits to the doctor, dentist, local chiropractor, and maybe even picking up the kids from school. After years of Thanksgiving week consumer behavior, chiropractors and other service based small businesses have modified their hours, and closed up shop on Black Friday.

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First off, for those of you that landed here looking for those Black Friday deals, here’s the homepage for Target and Yahoo! has a pretty good 2008 guide for Black Friday deals, with lots of links to stores and products like blue rays, DVDs, and big-screen TVs.

I mentioned a couple years ago that millions will visit chiropractic offices on the days before Black Friday, and that hasn’t changed. We conducted an informal survey amongst chiropractors across the US, and the great majority reported their offices will be closed for the four-day weekend, and the scheduling books were fairly full for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Some Local Chiropractors will experience their busiest day of the year this Wednesday, with patients desiring that last chance adjustment, before hopping on a plane, driving in hours of traffic, or braving the 4 a.m. lines at the local department store Friday morning.

In communicating with chiropractors across the nation (like Dr. Scott Swanson in San Francisco), many said the same thing. When they were new in practice, they stayed open on Friday, but found that patients didn’t show up for scheduled appointments. I’ve got news for those chiropractors. Even if your adjustments are like the hands of God delivering peace and harmony, it’s hard to compete with 60% off on a 42 inch LCD high-definition flat screen TV. Don’t worry, they’ll definitely be requiring your services on Monday.

Of all the chiropractors we spoke to, none are open on Thanksgiving Thursday, but nearly all are available if a situation came up. Talking to chiropractors from New Jersey to California, it was impressive how many told me they share their home phone number and/or cell phone number with their patients. Some even list their home phone number on their website, if they can’t be reached at the office.

A few plan to be open for a half-day on Friday, and even fewer will be open for a half-day on Saturday. That leaves a four-day gap for most chiropractors to relax and spend well-earned time with their families.

So time is running out, go see your chiropractor today or tomorrow, so you can enjoy the following four days focused on Thanksgiving recipes, road conditions and flight delays.

And let’s not forget, no Thanksgiving weekend would be complete without listening to the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving Song. If you love to eat turkey, listen to it here. There is no video but the lyrics appear like karaoke so you can sing along.

Love to eat turkey cause it’s good, love to eat turkey like a good boy should.

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