acquired by Planet Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

What was once the home to one of the world’s oldest chiropractic directory websites,, has been acquired by the owners of Appearing in search archives as early as January of 1999, served as a massive listing database of chiropractors across the planet. It existed until around April of 2007, and had provided search results to those seeking chiropractors, with more than 55,000 local listings of doctors of chiropractic. screenshot circa de 2007 from the homepage)

Up until May 2007, was a chiropractic directory with listings of over 55,000 chiropractors. It was a free directory, that provided consumers access to doctors of chiropractic (practicing everything from wellness to personal injury) in their local area. Planet Chiropractic became owner of the domain this month (November, 2008), and it is our intention to relaunch the easy to spell as a free chiropractic directory, subsidized with contextually targeted advertising, and featured doctor listings.

I was online earlier today, with a representative from NearMeNetworks (a company that provides call tracking services to chiropractors in the US and Canada), discussing the possibilities related to providing trackable call services for chiropractors wanting to list their local businesses on the website. We’ll be meeting with several groups of chiropractors, as well as some local search experts, to discuss usability and the building of a directory that best serves the consumer. No word as of yet if each individual chiropractor will have administrative access to their profile page (and additionally links to their website/s), but it’s my intention that chiropractors are provided with free access to create, manage, and modify their own pages. This is especially important to new doctors of chiropractic entering the field, that have not yet built a solid web presence.

Similar to the Planet Chiropractic Network project, early plans include listings that will be worldwide. One early planned key difference is the exclusion of information related to organizations and associations, and chiropractic schools and colleges, which will continue to be presented on the school review portion of this domain.

The decreasing popularity of the long-standing practice by Internet hosts to name sites with the “www” prefix provides an interesting opportunity to the domain. One idea that is currently on the adjusting table is to add a “find” prefix which would result in a domain that reads Regardless of which route we choose, I’m looking forward to working with others in the community of chiropractic, on a resource that freely seeks to provide better access to chiropractors across the globe. @ 10:11 pm | Article ID: 1227593518