Planet Chiropractic Crazy Search KeyPhrases for November

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

To the search keyphrases for the month of November 2008, are the craziest I’ve seen on the web site, in the past 10 years. It’s amazing how different search results can be from month-to-month. A month ago today the October results showed people were reaching the website primarily with searches for the term chiropractic, chiropractor salary, chiropractic jobs, chiropractic classifieds, and chiropractic seminars. All of those terms relate to the chiropractic profession and stuff chiropractors would typically be found searching. That wasn’t the case for November. Far from it.

I took this screenshot earlier today, and while the month of November is not over yet, I’m not expecting to see too much change in the top 10 keyword list.

The eye-opening thing to notice is that for the month of November there are only two terms directly related to the field of chiropractic. The term chiropractic in position number three, always appears in top 10 search results, and planet chiropractic is often seen in the top 10 results as well. The rest are all newcomers, as there has been lots of craziness taking place, during the month of November.

The daylight savings time change was something Daria came up with after not being able to figure out which weekend the time change was taking place. She did some research and the post was created as a result. Apparently, she was not alone in knowing when to change the clocks earlier this month.

The search for 2010 Mustang is a one-time shot that we will probably never see traffic from again (aside from maybe a little bit in late 2009). I was fortunate to be invited to the LA Auto Show where I got to drive a few cars, and got to sit in the driver’s seat of plenty. I thought the Candy Red Mustang was wicked cool.

There was a search for voting polls which was related to the elections on November 4, so that term will likely drop out for the next four years. Not something we’d be targeting as a chiropractic web site. However, I was surprised to see how much Web traffic came our way for those seeking information related to the 2008 New York City marathon. As a chiropractor that’s been an avid runner for several years, we’ve actually covered quite a few posts on five ks, 10 ks, and marathons. In fact, I noticed that in November, there were posts for the Philadelphia marathon and the Pasadena marathon (which was canceled due to fires in Los Angeles County). But neither of those races returned results in the top 10, NYC was far more popular.

We even had news regarding a New Jersey chiropractor (Vincent Malba) running in the New York City marathon. Since that post, we’ve received e-mails from others who either ran the race, or volunteered at the event. I love the energy of a marathon, so will probably continue to cover chiropractic related news on those events.

One of the downsides for seeing such a dramatic change in key phrases is that the bounce rate for visitor traffic to the website in November has increased. Meaning, people may have been interested in an article regarding the time change, a marathon, or the new Ford Mustang, but they weren’t sticking around to check out chiropractic seminars, classified ads, and related sections of the site. Why would they? A large number of people visiting Planet Chiropractic during the month of November were not chiropractors, they couldn’t be, because we have more unique traffic than there are chiropractors on the planet. There has been a trickle effect though, with visitors on the site checking what chiropractors are listed in their state.

That’s it for November keyword phrases. If you’re interested, here are keyword results for October, keyword results from July, results on key phrases in June, and an explanation on story tieing, driving new traffic, and traffic topics.

Boring stuff for many, but I like to post it for the few that are paying attention.