San Francisco Power Outage Darkens Colo Facility

A power outage today in San Francisco has knocked out a number of highly popular websites, including, livejournal, typepad, Technorati, and others. That’s one major subluxation! Fortunately, Planet Chiropractic data servers are up!

Upon noticing a spike in web searches for terms such as craigslist sandiego, livejournal down, craigslist raleigh, netflix down I did some searching of my own. I checked out and the site was running smoothly. I was just in SF this past weekend at WordCamp and there was discussion about servers and server loads, but not power outages.

Surprising to see such large web properties affected by these outages, I would have expected they had data centers spread out across the United States.

A visit to craigslist brought up the following… Unable to process request, please try again. Other sites that were affected included and

Events like this get peoples attention as to how important continual power is and also how important backups are, especially on your web servers.

As I write this it looks like some of the sites are coming back online. We’ll have an update if needed.