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Mike DorauschBy Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I came across a web site today with a blog post by an Internet marketing specialist that was recently interviewed for an article which appeared in the Guardian newspaper. Andy Beard, the guy that was interviewed, didn’t get a link to his web site in the online version of the newspaper article, of which he was a source of significant information. For anyone that knows the value of an inbound link to your web site (especially from a major news web site), you can probably imagine how this guy felt about the situation.

It was funny that I came across the article today, since just earlier this morning I was thinking about press that planet chiropractic received in mid-August of this year. I posted about the press the web site received, but I didn’t talk about anything like inbound links. I remember first being notified that the article had appeared on an investors web site on a Friday evening, and I went to check it out while I was still at the office.

The biggest thing I was bummed out about was there were no links from the article to the planet chiropractic web site. I remember thinking that it would still be cool because Monday the article was going to appear nationwide in print, along with a photograph of me in my office, and a recently shot photograph of Van Halen. As it turns out, it was only the initial web site that did not provide any links. Thank goodness for syndication of content. By Saturday morning, the same article, along with hyperlinks to our homepage, was appearing on major news web sites such as CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo! News Canada.

I don’t know how long those articles will remain on those web sites, but we’re currently still getting inbound links from some of the major news web sites, that covered the story. I guess in my case, the moral is don’t be impatient, as the links may come in future versions of an original article. I don’t know if Andy Beard will be so lucky as the Guardian does not have a reputation of sharing much content in syndication.

Either way, his post was a good reminder of my past situation, and it offered a few tips and techniques on how to optimally link out to others when providing online news content.

2 thoughts on “Providing Links in the Press”

  1. Hi Michael,

    Just followed over here from Andy’s article. Awesome that you received those high-power links from trusted sites. I’m jealous 😉

    Seriously though, have you seen any noticeable difference in rankings or traffic after that initial spike from the press coverage subsided?

  2. In my experience press related stuff (print and online) is more for credibility rather than links/traffic. Nothing has beaten traffic acquired from just writing good content posted to Planet Chiropractic. No complaints though.

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