Thimerosal Vaccine Study Looks at Safety

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

A large number of news reports appeared in nationwide news today, with reports on research released Wednesday, with findings that Thimerosal is not a neurological trigger in children that have been vaccinated. The study did not address a relationship of vaccines and autism.

Vaccine news has been on the rise since Jenny McCarthy appeared last Tuesday on the Oprah Winfrey show, talking about vaccines her child received and the autism that developed soon afterwards. The nation is gearing up for massive flu vaccination programs, beginning as soon as this weekend. Earlier this week there were news reports regarding research suggesting little science to back up claims that flu shots are effective for the elderly. As a result, nationwide vaccine campaigns will likely be geared towards injecting the largest population of children possible.

big vaccination needlesThe most recent news regarding the mercury compound additive thimerosal gives pro-vaccine groups an opportunity to push forward on this falls large-scale vaccination efforts. Rather than rehash what others have already authored, here are five varying viewpoints on topics related to this week’s most recent vaccine news. I specifically sought out articles appearing on nontraditional media sites, since major media sites tend to typically show boilerplate press release style content, when it comes to polarizing topics such as vaccine safety and effectiveness.

The first article comes from a fairly new web site called the daily green which is operated by Hearst digital media. The article is titled Vaccines Don’t Cause Brain Damage. But What About Autism?

Another article comes from “America’s Best Political Newsletter”, CounterPunch. This vaccine article, titled Same Old Story, Same Old Song and Dance, is authored by Anne Dachel, and it provides a look into how drug industry influence is affecting advertising and reporting of topics such as this one.

Arthur Allen from the Huffington post has an article on the popular blog today titled: Thimerosal Vindicated in Another Study, Yet … the Show Must Go On

Also from the Huffington post comes an article by author David Kirby which was posted yesterday. The blog post is titled: CDC: Mercury in Vaccines Damaged Your Child. Or Not.

I love Wired News, so when I noticed that Brandon Keim posted a Thimerosal related article to the Wired News blog, I had to add it to this list. Again, the post is authored by Brandon Keim and it is titled: Another Look at the CDC’s Thimerosal Study.

Regardless of what your thoughts may be on this issue, it’s interesting to see the number of people beginning to speak up and take a stand. It was only a few years ago, that moms wanting to participate in open discussion about their children’s health and vaccine safety, were made to look like raving lunatics hell-bent on risking the lives of others, and disrupting the scientific medical establishment. That’s not to say that some don’t still refer to parents questing current medical policy as cultists and crackpots, but it’s getting easier to spot those blatantly pushing big Pharma objectives. @ 9:19 pm | Article ID: 1190953168