NBA Finals Game 3 Lakers Vs Magic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

NBA Finals Game 3 coverage begins tonight at 8:30pm Eastern time on ABC television. The Lakers Vs Magic game today takes place in Orlando, the first away game for the Los Angeles Lakers, in the 2009 finals. The next three games are scheduled to take place at home for the Orlando Magic, with Game 3 being today, Game 4 scheduled for Thursday, and Game 5 (if necessary) scheduled for Sunday. I posted earlier how news search engines have the latest indexed coverage and I’ve got an update on following the games live online.

Game 3 Update: The Magic beat the Lakers, 108-104, in Orlando. Lakers lead NBA Finals 2-1. LA Lakers play Magic in Orlando Thursday, 6pm Eastern.

Go Lakers - Laker Themed Graffiti in Venice Beach 2009
LA Lakers Themed Graffiti in Venice Beach 2009

In our Game 2 NBA Finals I posted how local artists in Los Angeles were showing their support for the LA Lakers. Our article related to Lakers Magic Game 1 mentioned that I would close my LA chiropractic office if there was a 2009 Lakers Parade. Since then, plenty of clients I’ve spoken to have said they’d take the day off to go to a parade (if the opportunity was to present itself). We did close for the 2002 Los Angeles Lakers Parade as well as the 2001 LA Lakers Parade and had a great time celebrating in the streets of downtown Los Angeles.

ESPN ( and the National Basketball Association (NBA) website ( have the best coverage I’ve found related to this 2009 NBA Finals series. Those two sites are your best bet if you’re searching for a Lakers Vs Magic Live Stream. While you may not be able to watch the game live from your PC (it is on ABC and ABC HD), real-time Internet has undoubtedly changed the way we experience sporting events, like the NBA Finals.

The 3 screen shots shown below demonstrate how much conversation is taking place during real-time events like the NBA Finals. During Game 2 in LA, I had my firefox browser open to search twitter for lakers tweets and then stepped away from the computer for a few minutes. When I returned there had been over 6000 updates. Game 2 was just about to end.

twitter: realtime search results for lakers
realtime search results for lakers

I kept the browser tab open and within a matter of minutes the number jumped from a little over 6,000 to over 11,000 real-time results. Thousands of Lakers fans (and even Lakers haters) were posting sub 140 character messages. There were hundreds of tweets related to Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and other players (for both Los Angeles and Orlando), but I was only refreshing the screen for Lakers tweets. Amazing.

11136 more search results for lakers
11136 more search results for lakers

In the time that I grabbed the 2nd screen capture and looked back at my browser the page had already updated. What was little more than 11,000 results was now nearing 16,000 results. That number continued to grow, and I guesstimate there were easily 100,000 tweets related to Lakers Vs Magic during and after the game.

15893 more search results for lakers
15893 more search results for lakers

It’s not the same as getting a live stream of the actual game, but real-time search is providing us with an opportunity to get updates on scores, schedules, game start times, and nearly anything you can think of related to a current sporting event. In our first article related to the NBA finals, we covered details on using hash tags and search queries for getting game related information quickly. That info still applies to Game 3 (and the rest of the finals). Following those tips, a frequently asked query like Lakers game time, can be answered in seconds. For someone’s who’s been using the Internet since the early 1990s, I think that’s pretty darn cool.

This phenomenon isn’t exclusive to pro basketball events, even events like local marathons are attracting a considerable amount of activity on twitter. I think it’s safe to say that if there is a sporting event taking place, that involves a large amount of people, you’re going to see people discussing it in real-time online.

Will the Lakers today take a three-game lead? I’m not here for predictions, but I’ll tweet the final score (chiropractic), long before get a chance to update this page. @ 1:53 pm | Article ID: 1244580822