Chiropractic Road Trip

Have you ever been on a chiropractic road trip? If not, maybe you should plan one soon, especially if you’re a chiropractic student. When I was a student, myself and several other classmates used to plan local trips to chiropractic offices frequently. We began doing this within the first few months we were in school and the lessons learned were always beneficial. As I came closer and closer to graduation however, the road trips began requiring more travel as they were much farther away from home. (I was seeking out some of the best-known chiropractic offices in the U.S.) Those faraway office visits were beneficial, and some were exceptionally so.

Where to begin?
Local is good if you don’t have the opportunity to travel much. If you’re a chiropractic student, hook up with one or two of your classmates and plan a few days a month that you’ll spend visiting chiropractic offices. In my opinion, visiting any chiropractic office is better than visiting none at all. You can learn a lot from nearly any office you go into. You really should try and find some of the most successful offices in your area. It’s always a good idea to contact the office first by phone and let them know who you are. Ask to speak to the chiropractor and ask when it would be convenient for you to come by. Some doctors will allow you to come by on a regular basis so you can observe adjusting technique and/or office procedures. If the chiropractor or the office staff is not friendly over the phone, well then you’ve already learned something about that chiropractic office too.

Long Distance Road Trips
You can do these either on your own or with friends. My plan when I was a chiropractic student, was that every time I traveled I would visit a chiropractic office in the area I was in at the time. One summer several years ago, I went to see my family in New York. Before I left, I mapped out a group of offices in the Long Island area that I planned to visit while I was there. One of those offices was the chiropractic office of Dr. Bob Hoffman (current President of the International Chiropractors Association) and Associates. The experience in Dr. Hoffman’s office was a very solid one all-around. I had called ahead, and was invited to spend an entire day in the office with Dr. Bob and his staff. Everyone was part of my great learning experience.

Don’t think that just because the chiropractor is very well-known, or is a high-volume practitioner, that they won’t have time to see you. I often found just the opposite. Patsy Sigafoose once told me that chiropractors would come to visit her husband’s home office all the time and hide behind the doors so they could watch him work with his folks. (He was seeing as many as 500 people per day and still had time for people to come and observe his work.)

So where to go?
I found Long Island, New York, is actually a great place for a chiropractic road trip. If you’re in Southern California like I am, it may not be your first choice for some obvious reasons. The state of Florida is also another great location for a chiropractic road trip. You can travel down U.S. Highway 1 and visit scores of chiropractic offices. Places like Long Island and Florida would be great if you’re attending school on the East Coast, at New York Chiropractic College, Life University, Palmer Chiropractic College, or Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic.

The state of California is also another great place for a chiropractic road trip. There are four chiropractic colleges in the state and that makes for many chiropractic offices. I’ve had several friends over the years come to the Los Angeles area and either drive up the coast towards San Francisco or down the coast to San Diego and then back again. There are a lot of great chiropractic offices that are not far from the major highways along the coast of California.

If you’re attending any of the schools on the West Coast such as Life West, Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles, or Palmer West, thousands of chiropractic offices are right in your own state and you should take advantage of that. Actually, there should be plenty of chiropractic offices for you to visit where ever you’re at in the U.S.

So get out your maps, get on the phone, plan yourself a chiropractic road trip and get an early start on your post chiropractic education. And enjoy your journey in this great healing profession. @ 7:16 am | Article ID: 979830962