548 South Spring St. – NYPD Blue

Hello all,

As many of you may know, the offices of Planet Chiropractic are located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. What many don’t know is that downtown LA is also the home of many of Hollywoods most popular movie sets.

Several times a week film crews are outside my windows (literally) and today they are here filming NYPD Blue. It sometimes makes it difficult to work around here when all of this stuff is going on outside my office windows so I thought we would have some fun today. What do you say? You guys have too much snow in New York today anyway.

My corner of Spring and 6th is one of Hollywood’s most popular. Microsoft just filmed here and a Jolly Rancher commercial that’s been airing was filmed here about a month ago. Scenes from Fight Club and Stigmata were also filmed on this corner, to name just a few. My friends have joked that I should put a webcam in the window so people could watch the filming that goes on here.

I thought about that and today I will bring you some photos from the set so you can get a glimpse of what my (sometimes distracted) days are like here at Planet Chiropractic Central.

Maybe we will be able to answer the burning question…. Hey Detective! Who is your chiropractor? 🙂

NYPD Blue Scenes from Today. Click Here if you want to watch a scene from today’s episode that was filmed here in downtown LA. (you will need a DSL/Cable modem, or better connection to view this clip) Running Time is just about one

Detective Andy Sipowicz makes an arrest.Detective Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz): Sipowicz is a recovering alcoholic who’s just learning how to be a good cop and a good human being again after years of living in a bottle – years that cost him his marriage and nearly his badge. A big bear of a man, he’s easily enraged by the horrors he sees on the job everyday, but underneath the coarse exterior is a kind, good-hearted man with very high morals and very low self-esteem. The only person who managed to pierce that exterior was his second wife, ADA Sylvia Costas, whom he loved more than life itself. His last few years on the force have seen him living the life of Job, as he lost his partner (Bobby Simone) to a fatal heart infection, his oldest son (Andy Jr.) to a pair of armed robbers, and Sylvia to a stray bullet in a courthouse shootout. At times, the only thing that keeps him going is caring for his young son Theo.

Detective Andy SipowiczDetective Danny Sorenson (Rick Schroder – I did not get a good picture of him so heres another of Dennis): Already a gold-shield Detective at 28, Sorenson is an obvious up-and-comer in the NYPD, but he wound up in a bad spot for his first squad assignment after a stint in Narcotics: replacing the late and much-loved Bobby Simone in the 15th Detective’s squad. Despite some initial resentment, Danny seems to have won over most of the squad through his confident yet non-cocky attitude. If Danny has an odd quirk, it’s his fear of “getting stirred up,” which comes from the fact that he had to raise his two sisters on his own after their parents abandoned them at a very young age. Danny’s apparently harboring a much darker secret about his past, but no one, not Andy, not Diane, not his girlfriend Mary, have been able to get him to talk about it.

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