Chiropractic Vision & Unity

By Dr. James Sigafoose,

Having just returned from Parker in Las Vegas, I want you to start preparing for the 50th year anniversary for Parker Seminars in 2002. The goal is to get 8000 chiropractors together under the same roof.

Look for the date and place, and make it a point to be there. I spoke to the entire crowd of 2000 plus in Las Vegas, and concluded we are all the same. This labeling of straight, mixer, ICA, ACA, etc… is foolish, and should be stopped.

Sigafoose Sunday Parker Las Vegas

I grant that many don’t understand chiropractic as well as we would expect, but that is more of a reason to be friends, and share. The real subluxation among mankind, is separation from God, and since we work with bodies, made up of intelligence, and vibration, we need to be more in love with all, and to help as many as possible, by teaching them, loving them, and adjusting them.

Many of us don’t understand the principle, don’t understand the adjustment, or don’t understand ourselves. Lets come together, and be tolerant of one another, visualize, meditate, and be expressions of innate, or the personification of God.

Come be with me at our one day seminars in York, Pennsylvania. Come to the Gatherings, and join with me in the systems mentoring program. Stay up and serve God by serving man chiropractic. Give yourself away to all, and enjoy abundance, peace, and happiness, along with perfect health.

Tune into the voice of chiropractic,, for all the news and advice, chiropractic seminar locations, etc…

See you on the red road.
Love Sigafoose

Editors Note: I’d like to thank Dr. James Sigafoose for his continued support and friendship. I’d also like to thank Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, the President of Parker College for his support as well. Let’s all get together in 2002! @ 2:12 pm | Article ID: 979683175