A Weekend of Chiropractic in Las Vegas

Greetings all. Today is Day 1 of the Parker Seminars in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is seminar No. 376 and Planet Chiropractic will be bringing you news articles throughout the weekend from the seminar floor. There are thousands of chiropractors here and it is impressive to see how many DC’s have turned out so early on the first day.

Since I was bringing several computers as well as camera and audio equipment, I decided to drive in from Los Angeles and guess what? I hit two snowstorms on the way in. Can you believe that? Snowstorms in Southern California and Nevada. Not having driven in the snow for several years, it was a challenging but also very beautiful journey.

I would like to thank everyone involved with the Parker Seminars for their recognition of Planet Chiropractic and for the cooperation I have received from the staff so far. Keith, and the rest of the AV staff have been great and it looks like we are going to have some really good audio available from this weekend.

Fabrizio Mancini President Parker Chiropractic

The Day began with a message from Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, the President of Parker Chiropractic College. Did you know he was 35 years old? And he is the president of a chiropractic college! There is a message here for the chiropractic students of the world. Do not put limitations on your thinking gang. Dr. Mancini’s message focused on professional unity and his personal commitment towards working with others to see that happen. He talked about the challenges he has faced in the past year. Although it was a difficult year, Dr. Mancini stated that the experience was very rewarding.

Dr. Charles WardAfter Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, Dr. Charles Ward took the platform. He shared with us the importance of setting goals and discussed many of the Parker principles of success. His talk was delivered with such grace and passion, it showed with every movement he made. He was very animated during his entire time on the platform. It appeared as though everyone in the room was about to get ready for a weekend full of passionate and positive chiropractic.

Dr. James SigafooseThe evening was capped off with an hour long talk by Dr. James Sigafoose. Dr. Sigafoose spoke about the healing power of love and it was not long before there were tears falling throughout the room. A powerful message regarding the importance of understanding the principles of chiropractic was delivered in a unique way that only “Siggy” can accomplish. He reminded us about our attitudes and how they can so quickly shift.

It’s going to be a super week, I have seen so many folks already, and I look forward to seeing many more during the next few days here. there’s no greater feeling for me, then the feeling I get when gathering with those who love that which I love the most.

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