Chiropractic Website Urges Support For Organizations

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Los Angeles: Keeping any organization going requires support and input from members. After all, it’s not one individual player that makes an organization successful, it’s the combination of working together as a team in pursuit of the organization’s mission that makes it so great.

The two chiropractic associations in California (and other chiropractic organizations across the globe) would benefit greatly by garnering increased support and participation from doctors in the field, vendors, educators, students, chiropractic family members, and even the people we serve.

Individuals working for chiropractic associations throughout the world put in lots of hours, often times voluntarily, and they don’t ask for anything in return. In my experience these individuals want to see the profession of chiropractic continue to grow and flourish so that more people will be able to receive chiropractic care than do today. I know of many chiropractors who have traveled all over the United States lecturing on the benefits of chiropractic care as well as lecturing about the great opportunities presented by becoming a chiropractor. Their main mission was to spread the message of chiropractic, without expectation of receiving something in return.

I published an article to the planet chiropractic blog pages last week urging greater financial support of California’s chiropractic associations. In the post, titled: Support California Chiropractic Organizations, I offered an incentive to those deciding to make a financial contribution to either of the two chiropractic associations during the month of May.

let's talk about chiropracticYou can visit the post or get some of the information here which was modified from the blog page…

How about this for some incentive? Support your chiropractic organizations in the State of California and get something additional in return! For the month of May Planet Chiropractic will send 10 copies of individually wrapped audio CDs featuring Dr. James Sigafoose giving a live lecture on the benefits of chiropractic care for checks you write made out either to the CCA or ICAC.

Thanks to the generosity of legendary chiropractor Dr. James Sigafoose, Planet Chiropractic was able to record a very special patient appreciation talk that he gave for his daughters chiropractic practice back in December of 2000. The event was attended by more than 400 people and we captured the audio digitally. It was edited to create a 30 minute CD audio presentation titled “Let’s Talk about Chiropractic.”

Here are the details…

1. Write a valid check of $50 (US funds) or more made out to either chiropractic organization (California Chiropractic Association – International Chiropractors Association of California).
2. Mail your check to Planet Chiropractic before the end of May, 2007 (address is listed below)
3. We will mail you 10 chiropractic audio CDs (each individually shrink-wrapped and listed at $21.95)
4. We will deliver all checks to the organizations at months-end and we’ll cover the cost of shipping CDs to you!

You do not have to be a chiropractor in the state of California to be able to participate and benefit from this offer. This offer is limited to the continental United States (mainly so we can keep shipping costs under control). You can visit the links below if you want more information about the products we’ll be sending you. Don’t forget to include your shipping address along with payment so we can get your items to the proper location.

If you’d like to be thanked publicly on the Planet Chiropractic web site, please provide pertinent office information. This offer is subject to change and if any changes are made we will post that information here.

Please make your checks out to the chiropractic organizations listed above (not to Planet Chiropractic), you can mail them to this address… (it’s okay if you want to make a check out to each organization)

Planet Chiropractic
2509 Ocean Ave.
Venice, CA 90291

I’d really like to see people offer greater support to their state chiropractic organizations and I know that Dr. James Sigafoose feels the same way. If you’d like your state chiropractic association to benefit from a similar offer, forward them this information and have them contact us for more details at the address listed above.

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