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Support California Chiropractic Organizations

I was just writing a check this afternoon, made out to the International Chiropractors Association of California, and I thought it would be a good idea to share with others the importance of supporting your local and state chiropractic organizations.

The ICAC had sent me a letter this month notifying me that they were updating personal profiles on doctors of chiropractic in the state of California. They did not ask for money directly but they did mention that there were costs involved with doing database upgrades. I have had decades of experience doing such upgrades and I know what they can entail. We are fortunate, as chiropractors practicing in the state of California, as a result of the many years of efforts that our state organizations have endured and it’s important that we support those efforts whenever we can.

Here is contact information for the ICAC and the CCA, California’s two chiropractic organizations…

ICA of California (ICAC)
9700 Business Park Drive, #305
Sacramento, CA 95827

California Chiropractic Association
1600 Sacramento Inn Way, Suite 106
Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: 916-648-2727

How about this for some incentive? Support your chiropractic organizations in the State of California and get something additional in return! For the month of May Planet Chiropractic will send 10 copies of individually wrapped audio CDs featuring Dr. James Sigafoose giving a live lecture on the benefits of chiropractic care for checks you write made out either to the CCA or ICAC.

Here are the details…

  1. Write a valid check of $50 or more made out to either organization listed above.
  2. Mail the check to Planet Chiropractic before the end of May, 2007 (our address is listed below)
  3. We will mail you 10 audio CDs (each individually shrink-wrapped and listed at $21.95)
  4. We will deliver all checks to the organizations at month-end and we’ll cover the cost of shipping your CDs!

You do not have to be a chiropractor in the state of California to be able to participate and benefit from this offer. This offer is limited to the continental United States (mainly so we can keep shipping costs under control). You can visit the links below if you want more information about the products we’ll be sending you. Don’t forget to include your shipping address along with payment so we can get your items to the proper location.

If you’d like to be thanked publicly on the Planet Chiropractic web site, please provide pertinent office information. This offer is subject to change and if any changes are made we will post that information here.

Please make your checks out to the chiropractic organizations listed above, you can mail them to this address… (it’s okay if you wanna make check out to each)

Planet Chiropractic
2509 Ocean Ave.
Venice, CA 90291

Wishing you continued abundance and success in your chiropractic practice!

Dr. Michael Dorausch, DC – Chiropractor Los Angeles


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  1. What an inspiring gesture and insightful comments! My check is on the way. Many DCs have given up on their dream of making a difference in the lives of the 35 million people in this state, but what they dont realize is that the chiropractors in California have never seen their true potential. 11,000 California DCs do not belong to any state association. With the general public being increasingly skeptical and frightened of drugs, surgeries and hospitals, AND with their increasing interest in the concept of wellness and prevention, now is a prime time for us to unite despite our differences, pool our resources and shape health care forever. Our best days lie ahead, but if it is to be, its up to us. ADIO.
    Dr. John Bueler, Jr., President, CCA

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