Improving the Online Chiropractic Experience

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Spent some time today with leadership of the California Chiropractic Association, to discuss potential for chiropractors, chiropractic groups, and organizations, to work together online in creating more advanced and easy to use interfaces that will be beneficial to chiropractors and the people they serve.

BJ Palmer - ChiropractorIf BJ Palmer were online, I would imagine he would be maximizing fully all the potential the internet had to offer, in promoting and preserving the message of chiropractic.

I have to give credit to Dr. John Bueler for having the vision to put todays meeting together. As a cohesive group we talked about ways to better serve chiropractors using technologies both available today and those that are yet on the edge and upcoming.

There were discussions of teaching chiropractors en mass of how they can improve on their websites, how they can better communicate the message of chiropractic online and in their communities, and how they can use existing tools to best utilize their time invested in internet activities.

The meeting took place among many that CCA leadership is holding this weekend, in conjunction with their annual Summer Convention (which is this weekend in San Diego).

California is a hotbed of creative internet activity, so it’s just natural that an organization like the CCA take a leadership role in not only providing services to their chiropractic members, but also in developing and partnering with others to deliver cutting edge services that can be utilized by other chiropractic organizations throughout the world.

If you are with a chiropractic group or organization that would like to develop advanced technologies that benefit the members of your organization and the people they serve, contact me for more information regarding our chiropractic business and technology services.

Our chiropractic information technology services focus on advising chiropractic organizations and businesses on how best to use the internet to meet their business and/or organizational objectives.

That sounds like a lot of business mumbo jumbo but basically after more than a decade of practically living online I have developed a massive wealth of information that is valuable and available in helping your website do better.

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  1. First of all, big thanks to Dr. Dorausch for taking the time to drive down and meet with us. Our people left the meeting totally pumped up as they began to grasp the possibilities. The CCA is committed to improving communication with its members and the public as well as harnessing the power of the 13,500 DCs in the state. The 34 million spines in California are depending on it. But, again, thanks Mike…You Rock!

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