Sicko Film by Michael Moore Pirated Online

by Michael Dorausch, D.C.

The Film Documentary by Michael Moore entitled “Sicko” has been pirated online and appeared this past weekend on Video Sharing Websites, on BitTorrent, and in UseNet groups.

Drugs Pills PotionsSicko takes a seriously critical look at the U.S. medically dominated health care system. The film is scheduled for release in major theaters on June 29th but pirated copies of the Oscar-winning filmmaker’s new documentary have been appearing online at locations such as YouTube and movie UseNet groups (such as alt.binaries.movies.divx). Apparently, several attempts have been made to upload the video to Google owned YouTube with all versions being removed since the weekend. BitTorrent files of the film are appearing on peer-to-peer websites and thousands of free downloads have already taken place, according to various news reports.

There will be many questions about movie piracy and what affects this will have on the films popularity. Personally, I think the film will be a smash success, regardless of pirated circulation.

According to reports, a company based in Santa Monica, California has been working to flood the internet with “fake” versions of the film in hopes to thwart would be downloaders from getting the real thing. Sounds to me like a placebo version!

There has been controversial discussion over the fact that Moore filmed parts of SICKO in Cuba without authorization from the United States Treasury Department, something that would currently be illegal for a US citizen to do. A conspiracy theorist could wonder whether the film was leaked intentionally in order to be sure it made it to the masses.

Don’t know if it what has happened was straight piracy, a viral marketing campaign, or something of some other nature. All I know is the film is expected to be released in the US on Friday, June 29th, and at least in the chiropractic profession, there is some major buzz to go see this film in theaters.

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