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This past weekend I moved a chiropractor table into my garage in preparation of a room remodel going on at my house. I found myself thinking what would I do with a used chiropractic table and today I decided to post it for sale on the planet chiropractic classified ad pages. It’s a flexion distraction table and you can see the ad here but that’s not totally why I’m posting to this blog today.

I’ve heard from quite a few doctors over the past seven or eight years telling me about the great results they’ve had selling chiropractic equipment on the website. First a word of caution, if you’re going to use the chiropractic classified ad section for either buying or selling remember that you’re on the Internet and not everyone may be who they say they are.

Scammers are notorious for contacting sellers on classified ad systems all over the Internet. They typically make really odd offers that seem too good to be true. Phony cashiers checks are not uncommon either. My recommendation when dealing with anyone using the planet chiropractic classified ad system would be to find out first if they are a chiropractor, and then the location of their practice. That way you can do some research to at least find out that you’re dealing with a real person. I a strong feeling all receive several bogus scam offers for the adjusting table I posted. I will post those here for others to see.

adjusting table

Follow the rule and try to buy and sell locally if you can. I know lots of people have bought and sold items like surface EMG units and range of motion units with great success. Those are items that are easily shipped via carriers such as UPS or FedEx but I’d still recommend taking as many precautions as you feel are necessary when buying or selling these items.

I’m considering suggesting to the webmaster at planet chiropractic to have a section for equipment that is to be donated to chiropractic students, schools, technique clubs, or organizations. I have personally thrown out too much stuff that I can imagine could be used by recent graduates beginning practice in the Los Angeles area. I’m not talking just chiropractic tables. Things that come to mind include x-ray cassettes, x-ray film jackets, file folders, shelving units, posters, and all kinds of miscellaneous office supplies. I also have loads of computer equipment that I’d rather go to chiropractic students then end up in recycle units.

If I get any scam e-mails on the table for sale the links will be posted here. Chiropractic students in Los Angeles, I’ll be making some separate posts to the classified pages and other online resources for a bunch of free stuff I have coming available in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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  1. Great proposal, Doc. I have dispersed a fair amount of chiropractic equipment and chiropractic teaching material slowy as it just accumulates and in part from inheriting half a practice of materials. When you put together such a venue for used chiropractic equipment please contact us at with the information so we can use that resource too. It would be great if new chiropractors and chiropractic students could benefit from the surplus of quality equipment which has served so many lives in natural health through chiropractic adjusments. We look forward to using the planet chiropractic classified ad pages site in the future as well.

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