Summer Chiropractic Seminars and Continuing Education

It’s getting to that time when chiropractors are beginning to register and make travel plans for various summer chiropractic seminars happening throughout the United States.

Fred Schofield chiropractor ArizonaI checked the Planet Chiropractic Event Database and there are a few chiropractic events worth mentioning here. It looks like Dr. Rob Schiffman is hosting a get the big idea seminar somewhere in San Diego, California the first weekend of June, 2007. Check the event website for more information and phone number as a location is not mentioned in the database.

Dr. Fred Schofield and Schofield Chiropractic Training will be hosting a summer chiropractic event the first weekend of June (June 1-3) in Carefree, Arizona. The Schofield events are always hot regardless of the weather. Some of the most talented and most successful chiropractors in practice today gather at these weekend events. There is an abundant wealth of information that is shared and the camaraderie of the doctors is unparalleled. Details of that event are available here: SCT June 2007

atlas chiropractic nationThe California Chiropractic Association is hosting their summer chiropractic convention in San Diego this year. The event will be held on June 15-17 and it is a California continuing education relicensing event. Speakers include one of my favorites Dr. Gerard Clum, as well as a host of others. On Saturday night the Dead Chiropractic Society will be teaming up with the CCA for a night of chiropractic philosophy. Speaking of the DCS, they have Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Dr. John DeMartini (featured in The Secret) speaking in Orange County sometime this summer. I believe Dr. Patrick is speaking in June but I don’t have dates yet.

The CCA event in San Diego features four hours of adjustive technique, Six hours QME, and five hours x-ray. Details are on the planet chiropractic events page which can be viewed here: 2007 California Chiropractic CCA Summer Convention

I believe there is a Parker chiropractic seminar in Dallas, Texas sometime this summer but I don’t have event information as of yet. I will update these pages when I get more info.

The Planet Chiropractic event database is free for all chiropractors, chiropractic continuing education groups, and chiropractic associations to post to. For more details, visit the registration page: Chiropractic Seminars


Content provided by Dr. Michael Dorausch, Venice Beach Chiropractor, California

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  1. I just went to the FCA conference in FL and heard Dr Steven Weiniger speak and it was really good. I ws googling him and found his seminars posted here. I’d recommend his seminar for anyone looking for some great summer CE!

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