Validating Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

I scanned this multipage brochure the team to my office for Validating Chiropractic seminars. The continuing education classes are sponsored by Life Chiropractic College West and are being held in cities such as Honolulu, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sacramento, and Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Check below for a four-page downloadable PDF file featuring this entire 2009 seminar series.

validating-chiropractic-seminars-2009The events are put on by Malik Slosberg and there are 12 Hours of continuing education license renewal in most states.

Here is  pertinent information directly from the course program…

Chiropractic & Exercise 2009Cutting-Edge Research to Improve Patient Outcomes

Increase your practice—learn how to apply the newest research to improve patient
function, satisfaction and long-term outcomes by integrating chiropractic and exercise.

The seminar reviews the very latest chiropractic research in a practical, yet inspiring way, so clinicians can integrate the newest information into daily practice and improve patient compliance, education and outcomes.

Attendees will learn: how to use the abundance of current information on adjustments and exercise to change the natural history of chronic problems; how to improve patient function, performance, satisfaction, self-efficacy, and neuromotor control; and how to document patient progress using patient self-reports and objective physical performance tests. This dynamic presentation is filled with colorful computer graphics, illustrations and data charts that will captivate doctors’ attention.

Sponsored by Life Chiropractic College West
12 Hours of continuing education license renewal in most states.
Approved for 12 hours including 4 hours of technique for California for 2009.
10 MCLE credit hours for attorneys.

Increase your insight, knowledge and appreciation of the mechanisms and benefits of chiropractic care. Really understand, be able to document and clearly explain current scientific evidence substantiating the effectiveness of chiropractic to your patients, attorneys, in narrative reports,.depositions and court testimony.

Gain new insights and greater expertise at interpreting patient presentations and clinical findings. Become more skilled at designing management plans and understanding patient prognosis.

Learn how to evaluate patients’ specific dysfunctions and recommend a chiropractic, active care exercise plan to restore normal function, reduce pain, and improve long-term outcomes, strength, endurance, satisfaction and motor control. This course has an enormous amount of practical information and skills that can be applied to increase and improve your practice.

–>> Download the 2009 Course Flyer in PDF Format <<–

2009 Locations
February 7-8 • Boston, MA
February 21-22 • Tysons Corner, VA
February 28-March 1 • Seattle, WA
March 7-8 • Los Angeles, CA
March 21 • Adelaide, Australia
March 22 • Melbourne, Australia
March 28 • Sydney, Australia
March 29 • Brisbane, Australia
April 18-19 • Las Vegas, NV
April 25-26 • Harrisburg, PA
May 16-17 • Sacramento, CA
May 30-31 • Philadelphia, PA
June 6-7 • Oakland/Berkeley, CA
June 27-28 • Denver, CO
July 25-26 • South Lake Tahoe, CA

Possible 2009 Locations include:
September 19-20 • Bozeman.MT
Charlotte, NC • Atlanta, GA
Phoenix, AZ • Peoria, IL
Santa Barbara, CA • Monterey, CA
San Diego, CA • Sacramento, CA
San Francisco, CA • Los Angeles, CA
Oakland/Berkeley, CA

This series of conference information is not completely posted to the chiropractic seminars pages. To register call LCCW at (800) 788-4476 ext. 4508 or (510) 780-4508 or fax form to (510) 780-4518. For more information about the course content call Dr. Slosberg at (925) 426-1137 or visit