Mercury in Vaccines to be Reduced

From Yahoo News comes an article titled, “US Sees Progress Reducing Mercury in Vaccines.”

According to the article, US health officials and doctors stated that, “progress is being made in efforts to reduce infants’ exposure to a type of mercury used as a preservative in childhood vaccines.”

The article states that the US government has “asked manufacturers to begin phasing out the use of thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative” which is currently used in vaccines.

A very important point to note is that the article states that “new vaccines without thimerosal will reduce mercury exposure from recommended childhood vaccinations by 60 percent” beginning in 2001.

Why did they wait so long? Isn’t mercury exposure a bad thing? What about the current vaccines given?

According to the article, “Federal health officials and the doctor groups have said the slight risk of neuro-developmental effects from the mercury compound in thimerosal is outweighed by the value of childhood vaccinations.”

Officials and doctors in the article further stated that “there remains no convincing evidence of harm caused by low levels of thimerosal in vaccines.”

Yet they have “asked manufacturers to begin phasing out the use of thimerosal” and state that vaccines being used this year that contain thimerosal are “acceptable” until the new vaccines are available.

Can you imagine you find out your child is eating the pealing lead paint over at the public school yard and public officials say, “don’t worry, we’re going to have new paint next year that contains 60 percent less lead, your child will be fine till then.”

It is important to realize that this recent decision to decrease mercury exposure in vaccines comes as a result of years of hard work and dedication from parents and many doctors of chiropractic to expose the truth about vaccines and the risks associated with them.

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