It’s Chiropractic! …NOT Chiropractic Medicine

Recently in the state of Florida, the Board of Chiropractic Examiners managed to have their name changed to the Board of Chiropractic Medicine. The event occurred without warning or state wide vote from chiropractors in Florida.

The term “Chiropractic Medicine” is not only jeopardizing public health, but also the health of our chiropractic profession as well. It was not long ago, when chiropractors were being jailed for practicing “medicine.”

The following comes from Dr. David Yachter:
We have a moral obligation to preserving the principles upon which chiropractic was founded and developed.
Dr. Bart say it's CHIROPRACTIC!

Recently, a bill was somehow passed to change our name from the Board of Chiropractic to the “Board of Chiropractic Medicine.” Why it was done is no surprise, but how it was done just bewilders me. Not for one moment do I think that this change was the result of a unanimous vote and support by the majority of practicing chiropractors in Florida. Every chiropractor I have ever met either was unaware of the change or began to scratch their head (as I did) saying “how did that happen?”

Never in the history of our profession has there been a greater case of misrepresentation by our trusted state leaders. But that’s not where it ends. Will the new FSU School of Chiropractic Medicine be issuing degrees in “Chiropractic Medicine”?

Before you know it, we’ll have a “doctor of chiropractic medicine” required on our business cards. Who are we then and what will be our purpose? Massive action has already been taken to open chapter 460 (Florida Chiropractic Laws) and submit a proposal for change for the removal of Chiropractic Medicine.

If there has ever been a time, that time is now…
On Sunday, January 14, 2001, a 5K run/walk will take place at 5 different Society chapter locations statewide: Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, and Destin.

The purpose is to raise funds to provide for the costs of legislative actions. Additionally, in the process, bring public awareness, via news/media to the distinction of subluxation based chiropractic vs. “chiropractic medicine.”

It is critical that all D.C.’s show up or support this run. It is my sincere wish that every D.C./C.A./spouse reading this has begun to ponder the ramifications of the world wide change this can make.


States like Florida, California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York shape the profession for the future. This is not just a Florida issue… it is a principled chiropractic issue. What is your purpose? Please get involved.

For more information please contact Contact Dr. David Yachter at:
(954) 476-8884.

I’d like to make it very clear that this article is not intended exclusively for Florida D.C.’s. As Dr. Yachter stated, this is not just a Florida issue, it is an issue of principle.

This chain of events offers us in chiropractic one of the greatest opportunities we have ever had. We have always had the principle, we have always had the truth. And now with technology, we have the backbone that will bring the message of chiropractic to millions.

Begin making plans to be in Florida in January, begin making plans to get your offices and communities involved. My good friend Dr. Dean Sottile has often told me that when he was young, real chiropractors would get together and get behind one, creating one. Are you a real chiropractor?

It’s time to get behind Florida, it’s time to get behind the SCA chapters and the FCS. It’s time for one principled chiropractic voice. It’s time for us to shine!

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