The pain and passion of Dick Gregory

On August 24th, 2000, the Boston Globe ran a story about Dick Gregory, an activist known worldwide for his legendary fasts and Bahamian diet product.

According to the article, Dick Gregory has cancer. “And he still won’t go home.” He has a schedule that is full of causes, and he is determined not to be slowed by anyone or anything. I am reminded of a quote from Dr. Sid Williams, “Persistency alone is omnipotent.”

The article talks about his life, his incredibly passionate persistence, and his family. The article talks about his children, “Not a one in jail. Not a one on drugs. College degrees everywhere.”

The article then states that “Christian, a chiropractor who lives in Washington, sees his father the most.” That’s where our story begins.

If you are a chiropractor, chances are you heard the name Dick Gregory from Dr. Ian Grassam, a great chiropractic warrior who spoke of Dick often. Remember Ian’s voice? Remember the words he told us that Dick had said about chiropractic?

The following comes from Dr. John Hofmann:

In the mid 1970’s, the Michigan Chiropractic Council held a fund raiser for our political action group (MCPAC). Dick was the speaker and he spoke (for an hour) about how wonderful chiropractic was and about our responsibility to tell the masses about it.

He was very enthusiastic about us, our profession, and our passion. He had just come off of one of his legendary fasts. At the end of his talk he said, “when people find out just what you have to offer them… I envision a father pulling up to your office at closing time telling you to wait, that his family were on the easy and you couldn’t leave before they got their adjustments.”

He went on to say that people “will hold you up with a gun if necessary, to make sure that their families receive care… that is the power of chiropractic and it’s message.”

After the talk, Ian Grassam, Chuck Ribley, and myself along with our wives spent the rest of the night in his room listening to him recount his mission and his trails and tribulations etc… (this was my first date with my future wife sandy… everyone was a vegetarian but her at the time)

It was a great night, spent with a great man with a mission. He became a good friend of Dr. Sid Williams and now you know the connection of his son becoming a D.C. from Life.

– John

Boston Globe:

Do we have a responsibility to tell the masses about chiropractic or was that just in the 70’s? Did Ian, John, Jim, Sid, Chuck and others work so hard so that we could relax and enjoy the fruits that chiropractic has bared without planting new seeds?

Are we planting seeds for our children who are in chiropractic college? What about the next generation? What about the young Sottile, the Grassam, the Williams, the Clum, the Hofmann, the Ribley, the Sigafoose?

Their parents have touched our lives in so many ways. The least we could do for them is be responsible and tell the story. Their parents deserve our respect and their children deserve our love and our support.

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