Vaccines and the cure of all Disease

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Fox News today reported with an article titled, “Britain starts human trials of AIDS vaccine.”

According to the article, a British parliamentarian will today be the first human to be injected with a new prototype vaccine against AIDS. The Doctor that volunteered said he did it because he believes “an effective vaccination is the only way to combat the deadly disease,” according to the article.

The article winds up with the statement that “experts say a vaccine is the only real way to fight the AIDS pandemic, which has killed nearly 19 million people worldwide.”

Is a vaccine the only way? Vaccines are eradicating disease aren’t they? Are they? By no accident, I recently found the following article slipped in one of my old chiropractic textbooks. The article comes from a San Diego newspaper and is dated July 29, 1941. That’s sixty years ago gang.

The headlines read:

Experiment in U.S. Navy Tests new Influenza Vaccine

July 29, 1941 — A new anti-influenza vaccine – described as perhaps the most promising that has come to the attention of medical scientists – is being tested on several thousand U.S. sailors in a mass experiment under navy supervision.

Through this vaccine, doctors hope to wipe out the deadly disease which, in recurring epidemics, has proven to be a more ruthless killer than war itself. In 1918, influenza swept the world and killed an estimated 30,000,000 persons.

Experimental Influenza Vaccine 1941

“We won’t know finally what may be expected from the vaccine until an actual epidemic comes along,” said Commander Albert Paul Krueger, bacteriologist directing the experiment.

The article goes on to describe how the vaccine is made and stresses the fear factor by pushing numbers of those that have died or may potentially die.

Let’s be aware that fighting disease and working towards achieving a healthier planet are both very important and critical issues. Maybe history is trying to tell us something?

What is paramount are the similarities of not only these two articles, but of the many vaccine related articles that are being published in today’s press. They share the same ingredients, the miracles of science, the scourge of disease, and most of all, the continued promotion of fear.

Where is influenza now? Has this “most promising” vaccine eradicated the disease as “medical scientists” suggested? Are medical scientists sixty years later, now saying that you should have a flu shot every year? Why? Because as they had discovered in the article, influenza is a virus, and viruses adapt.

What happens to the AIDS virus? Does it have the ability to adapt to it’s environment? Will another vaccine be introduced? And then another? And another? @ 8:40 am | Article ID: 967736433