Friday in Las Vegas – The Morning

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

From the 2001 Parker Seminars in Las Vegas, Nevada

Today is day two of this weekend long seminar. Today’s speakers include Drs. Pat Gayman, John Demartini, C.J. Mertz, Bruce Parker, Skip Skibsted, Rick Wren, and many more. I’ll be in and out of rooms all day, gathering some of the information, tips, and strategies that these doctors have to offer.

John Demartini at Parker Seminars 2001

Words of wisdom from Dr. Demartini’s talk:

If you put your hand into a pot of glue, the glue sticks. If you open your heart, and you open your mind and associate with great minds and great leaders and great chiropractors who are masters at what they do, it is impossible for that to not rub off on you. A genius is one who listens to the life of their soul and obeys. They listen to the inner message, the inner voice. They see an inner vision and they follow it. They obey their inner intuitions and inspirations and they live it. The chiropractic genius is one who opens the heart and listens to the still small voice and it guides them to the right place at the right time with the right adjustment, and the right pressure and direction, to make perfection of an adjustment.

The difference between manipulation and adjustment is that small voice guiding it. The difference, in a sense, between the chiropractor and the chiropractic master is the willingness to obey it.

Dr. Demartini spoke for two hours straight without taking a break. He delivered a powerful and inspirational message of chiropractic genius that left the packed room with a “wow” look on their faces. The room was full and just like Thursday, it was impressive to see the numbers of people who remained in their seats during the entire two hour period. By far, the largest room here is reserved for the philosophy events and the energy in this room is bursting out into the halls.

I spoke with many chiropractors today to get feedback regarding the different aspects and viewpoints they had about chiropractic seminars. A chiropractor that decided to bring her staff, (including a part-time employee) stated that they were so excited after hearing Dr. James Sigafoose speak last night that she did not know why she had not brought them before. “The staff needs this as much as the doctors, they should be here for the experience” she stated. @ 8:09 am | Article ID: 979315772