Friday in Las Vegas – The Afternoon

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Kicking off the afternoon in the philosophy room at the Parker seminars was Dr. C. J. Mertz.

C. J. runs a huge coaching service for the chiropractic profession called Team WLP. He was here today to share many “secrets” that he is learned over the years with those in the room. As C. J. stated, they are not really secrets, they are successful procedures that he and his clients have used in the past. Many chiropractors are still not aware of these tips and techniques that can help them build the practice of their dreams. This is just one more reason why you should be communicating with your fellow DC’s and learning what works and equally important, what doesn’t work.

C.J. Mertz Team WLP

So far it is looked like the best of the best have been on the platform this weekend, and C. J. is no exception to that. I’m beginning to compile so many notes now that I’ll need to go through everything and edit it for space so that I can bring it to you here.

Over in the technique room was Dr. Skip Skibsted who was covering SOT protocol. I had the opportunity to take several photographs of Dr. Skip and hope to have a few posted here soon. Check back later this week since this article will be updated with my notes and photographs that I haven’t added yet. @ 12:44 pm | Article ID: 979332289