The Game of Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

From day two of Planet Chiropractic’s coverage of the 2001 Parker Seminars in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the game of chiropractic, few play it better and with so much passion as Dr. Patrick Gentempo Jr.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo Dan O'Brien

Patrick is the CEO of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, and this evening Patrick brought a friend along to the Parker Seminars. That friend was Dan O’Brien, “The World’s Greatest Athlete” and 1996 Olympic Decathlon gold medal winner. Thanks to Patrick’s continued efforts to promote chiropractic in a positive light, Dan has become a powerful spokesperson for the chiropractic profession.

Dan took the stage and addressed the audience stating, “If it were not for chiropractic, I would not have won the Olympics.” The room was flowing with energy and there was much excitement in the air. Dan was very much welcomed by the chiropractors in attendance. He was warm and friendly, courteously taking the time to be photographed with what appeared to be hundreds of individual chiropractors and staff.

Congratulations to Patrick and his team for playing the game so well. Let’s continue to tell the world about chiropractic! @ 6:29 pm | Article ID: 979352945