Saturday in Las Vegas

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It’s Saturday, and we have another full action packed day of chiropractic. Today kicks off bright and early with Drs. Wendy Coren and David Lundquist who will be discussing “precision communication.” I spent some time in the room listening to these two Drs. and they shared some great information. “What’s in a name?” Is the topic they were discussing when I came in.

Dr. Lundquist had a volunteer come to the front of the room and introduce herself. He asked her name and she stated that her name was Nikki. Dr. Lundquist then pointed out that her name tag showed her name to be Nicole. Both Drs. then went into a series of exercises, along with Nikki as their volunteer, to demonstrate to us the importance of using appropriate names with the people that come into your office.

In a room down the hall, was Mr. Keith Maule, who was talking about the “secrets of successful practices and developing practice power.” When I walked into the room Keith was talking about the actor Danny Devito. He said, imagine waking up this morning, looking in the mirror and seeing Danny Devito. “How successful would you be,” he asked. How do you think people reacted when Danny told them he wanted to be an actor? Do you think some people tried to persuade him not to quit his day job? How much determination do you have to be a success in your practice?

Larry Markson Parker Seminars

In the philosophy room, Dr. Larry Markson is going for nearly three hours straight. He delivered a powerful daily affirmation and shared years of his experience in chiropractic with a roomful of very eager chiropractors. Dr. Markson has become famous in the chiropractic community for his daily affirmation’s.

I’ll be bringing you some more highlights from Dr. Larry’s talk later this week as I still have to streamline my notes before adding them here. @ 8:04 am | Article ID: 979401892