Go Green Go Chiropractic KY License Plate

Kentucky Chiropractic Association

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. — If you live in Kentucky and are proud about the care you give to your body and to the planet, you can show everyone by purchasing a new specialty license plate.

“The Go Green Go Chiropractic marketing initiative helps Kentucky Chiropractors and patients unite in their efforts to spread awareness of the unique benefits of Chiropractic,” The Kentucky Chiropractic Association, Inc. said. “The license plate makes a statement that we’re proud of Kentucky’s Chiropractors and the people who are treated by and support them. It also will encourage people who see it to find out what Go Green Go Chiropractic is all about.”

Go Green Go Chiropractic KY License Plate

“The entire motivation behind getting a specialty plate like this was to unite the Chiropractors in Kentucky around something positive.” Jonathan Boggs, legal counsel for the Kentucky Chiropractic Association, Inc.(the “KCA”) said. “We had some difficulty getting the design approved because the Kentucky Transportation Department didn’t understand how Chiropractic was ‘Green.’ That confusion shows just how important a plate like this is: the public at large have no idea how unique Chiropractic is and how our healthcare choices affect the world around us.”

Sales of the plate benefit the Kentuckiana Children’s Center, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of Children by providing a foundation for healing through integrative Chiropractic care. Counselor Boggs noted, “The members of the KCA specifically chose not to have any identifying marks on the plate, or to have the donations go the the KCA because the plate isn’t just for our members, it is for all chiropractors and chiropractic patients in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and we hope to spread the ‘Go Green Go Chiropractic’ initiative worldwide.”

The stunning Go Green Go Chiropractic specialty license plate design contains a spine and growing plant and the slogan, “GO GREEN GO CHIROPRACTIC” all in an attractive mixture or green and white.

“The license plate makes a statement that we’re proud of Kentucky’s Chiropractors and the patients they serve for their commitment to the health of our environment.” — The Kentucky Chiropractic Association, Inc.

If you are a public, private, or governmental Chiropractic organization and would like more information on how you can “Go Green Go Chiropractic” in your area, please call 1-(877) 937-3522, e-mail [email protected], go to gogreengochiropractic.com or write: The Kentucky Chiropractic Association, Inc, 415 Cardinal Drive, Elizabethtown, KY 42701.

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