Chiropractors, Golf and Doug Tewell

Today’s online edition of the Salt Lake Tribune features a headline that reads “Back Injury Delayed Tewell’s Senior Debut”

According to the article, Tewell suffered from a “nerve problem” which was affecting his back and keeping him from playing tournament golf.

Tewell’s back injury “kept him in bed for three days” and required him to use a walker for two weeks, according to the article.

Bob Tway, a PGA Tour veteran recommended Tewell see a chiropractor. According to the article, Tewell stated that the chiropractors cure was “the most incredible thing” as he received “just a few little jerks” and has had no problems since.

It’s great that Tewell had relief from his injury and yes, chiropractic is the most incredible thing. But in perspective, lets look at Tiger Woods who is on the front pages of Newspapers today for his recent victory.

Tiger has been under chiropractic care for several years and like Lance Armstrong, Joetta Clark, and many other fine athletes, the motivation for care is maximal performance rather than relief from pain. That maximal performance requires a specific, focused intent allowing one to reach for greatness.

While chiropractic does not cure anything, it does help by locating and correcting the cause of interference that may be keeping one from achieving greatness. That greatness may be sinking a 12-foot putt or lifting a 12-week old child into your arms.

Looking for a little greatness in your life?

Salt Lake Tribune Sports: Tewell Time: Rookie outshoots Morgan for third senior tour victory

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