Chiropractic and the Democratic National Convention

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Well, the Democratic National Convention has ended and it has been an incredible week here in downtown Los Angeles. For those of you that may not know, our Planet Chiropractic office is located only two blocks from Pershing Square, headquarters for protests during the past week.

Many businesses in this area had closed fearing riots, disorder and anarchy but for two chiropractors in the downtown area the smell of opportunity was too strong to pass up.

A reported 15,000 individuals from the worldwide media were here in downtown L. A. along with convention goers, protestors and the ever so famous LAPD.

For myself, it was a week filled with daily visits to Pershing Square, and numerous networking events with politicians, the press, and other businesses. Along with that was my attendance at various conferences always looking for a chance to be heard but just as importantly, to listen to others, all of which resulted in an enjoyably productive and educational week.

But I was not the only local who stepped out for the occasion. Walking from his office located across the street from Pershing Square with a mission to care for the masses was chiropractor Ben Shamoiel, graduate of Life University in Marietta Georgia.

As reported to Planet Chiropractic, Dr. Ben hit the streets with portable chiropractic table in hand more than a week prior to the convention. He visited the concierges of all the local hotels, letting them know that a chiropractor was available to provide services throughout the convention week and that his chiropractic office would remain open during the DNC.

Throughout the week, Dr. Shamoiel provided chiropractic services to members of local law enforcement agencies including the LAPD and CHP, as well as elected officials staying in downtown hotels. Dr. Ben followed up by recommending local chiropractors to those visitors which he served, stressing the importance of experiencing regular chiropractic care for optimal health.

While the major media may not be reporting it, Dr. Ben deserves a big chiropractic thank you for his dedication to serving the folks and the principles of chiropractic.

And I would like to thank Mayor Richard Riordan and the rest for bringing the world to downtown Los Angeles.

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