UNLOCKING AUTISM – Vaccines/Autism CNN Story to Air

By: Shelley ReynoldsOn Sunday, October 3, 1999, at 9pm est, 8pm cst/pac time, CNN will air astory called “A Question of Harm?” on it’s news magazine, Time/NewsStand.The story has been promoted in this week’s issue of Time Magazine as well.Double check your local listings.The story will feature the Reynolds Family, founders of Unlocking Autism andOpen Your Eyes Autism Awareness project. Aidan and Shelley Reynolds believethat their son, Liam, had an adverse reaction to the MMR vaccination thatresulted in his autism. The piece will document the effect that this hashad on Liam and the family as a whole, as well as highlight the projects theyhave been working on throughout the year in an effort to increase awarenessand make things safer for future families.Unlocking Autism is striving to collect 58,000 pictures of autisticindividuals across the United States and from US Citizens living abroad.The pictures will be arranged in a massive display that will debut at anawareness rally next year in Washington, DC. For more information, regardingthe Open Your Eyes project, contact their website at www.littleangels.org.
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