7 Bad Name Choices For Your Chiropractic Office

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

10 years ago, deciding on a name for one’s chiropractic office was a fairly easy decision. In the naming process, a typical chiropractor would determine what other names were being used in the community and steer clear of those. If not using their last name for their clinic (Smith Chiropractic) it wouldn’t be uncommon that they would choose one of several popular chiropractic office names, usually ones they’ve heard being used by friends and colleagues in other states. The Internet and the desire for one’s office name to rank well in search engines has changed that, at least for now.

Having ones chiropractic website show up at the top of search results for a search of the office name is typically a fairly easy task. In most cases, the reason is due to very few offices sharing the same name. This is particularly the case if using one’s last name. But what if you’re new to the chiropractic industry and thinking about names that would best fit your practice? I compiled a list of seven different popular office names that would be good to avoid, unless having your office name appear in search engine listings is not important to you. Let’s take a look.

Atlas chiropractic screen grab five listings(photo: a screenshot of five different offices appearing for the simple search of Atlas Chiropractic)

Atlas Chiropractic — As far as I’m aware, this is by far the most common office name used in chiropractic. It’s also the most common mention when someone has contacted me regarding search engine optimization. I filed a DBA for this name in the 1990s, and was going to use it for my Los Angeles office, until I discovered it was already being used in Culver City, Santa Monica, and Burbank, California. Too close for comfort.

I’ve since discovered Atlas Chiropractic offices in Seattle Washington, Thousand Oaks California, Salt Lake Utah, Bellingham Washington, Phoenix Arizona, Ankeny Iowa, Colorado Springs Colorado, Raleigh North Carolina, and dozens of other locations across the state. A friend of mine, Dr. James Von Hipple, recently relocated to Murrieta California, and I’m hoping he chooses another name besides Atlas. Even on Planet Chiropractic, Phoenix chiropractor Dr. Fred Schofield, and East Haven chiropractor Dr. Adam Church, both have offices listed with the name Atlas Chiropractic, which on some level results and competition for position in search.

Discover Chiropractic — Oh to discover chiropractic! I really like this name and what it suggests, but if you’re just starting out, I’d steer clear of naming your office the very popular Discover Chiropractic (or Discover Chiropractic Center). This office name is up there with Atlas in terms of popularity. There are Discover Chiropractic offices in Tucson Arizona, Arvada Colorado, Fremont California, Burlington Vermont, Ellicott City Maryland, Jackson Mississippi, San Francisco California, Gilbert Arizona, Butler Pennsylvania, and others. There is a popular trend to switch the name up a bit to create Discover Wellness Chiropractic, Discover Family Chiropractic, Discover Chiropractic and Massage, etc. I’m not sure that the best way to go, but it’s better than the two-term name (if you are thinking about search engine ranking).

Advanced Chiropractic — We will start seeing a pattern here in that most of these names are beginning to combine terms like wellness, family, holistic, and others. It makes it easier for the name to rank well in search engines, but it may not be the best choice. I have seen Advanced Chiropractic offices listed in Rochester New York, Fredericksburg Virginia, Rochester Minnesota, Carrollton Texas, Victor New York, San Francisco California, and Lincoln Nebraska. While none of those offices are nearby each other locally, current search methods are going to display only one of those offices listed at the top, resulting in competition I feel a new chiropractic office just doesn’t need.

Precision Chiropractic — While this office name is not as popular as those mentioned above, there is certainly plenty of them. We see the same pattern in that some choose the name Precision Chiropractic Center, Precision Chiropractic Wellness Center, Precision Chiropractic Wellness, and so on. Office locations I’ve seen online include Rochester Minnesota, Sammamish Washington, Del Mar California, Lexington Virginia, Huntington Station New York, Plymouth Minnesota, Corpus Christi Texas, and Yakima Washington. I could’ve easily added 20 states to this list, but you get the point, it’s a popular name.

Innate Chiropractic — Anything with the term Innate included, may be more difficult to rank for when combined with the word chiropractic. It’s the term long used in the industry, and its popular amongst those practicing in the profession. Palisades chiropractor Dr. Luke Cohen has told me he thought of changing his office name, but it’s been in use 10 years now, I’d keep it as is. If I was just opening my chiropractic business though, I’d consider something else, especially since there are Innate Chiropractic offices located in Houston Texas, Lansing Michigan, South Portland Maine, Twin Cities Minnesota, Scottsdale Arizona, Huntington Beach California, River Falls Wisconsin, and others.

Palmer Chiropractic — Yes there are those that have named their office Palmer Chiropractic, and their name is not DD Palmer. With three chiropractic schools having campuses in Iowa, California and Florida (locations in Davenport, San Jose, and Port Orange), I’d suggest steering clear of naming one’s office anything related to the term Palmer. Even if your last name happens to be Palmer, I would consider an alternative.

Life Chiropractic — I’m assuming this office name became more popular after the 1970s, with the success of Life Chiropractic College (then Life Chiropractic University) in Marietta Georgia. I’ve seen numerous variations of this term used in naming offices. Some of the ones I found examples of easily include: Balanced Life, Lotus of Life, Active Life, Absolute Life, Natural Life, New Life, and Total Life.

Many times I’ve heard Dr. Sid Williams proclaim that Nothing is bigger than LIFE, but I wouldn’t make that a reason to use the term in naming your chiropractic office.

Hopefully, when researching a name for your clinic or business, you’ll do some local research as well as online research, in determining a name that will work best for you. If your business already shares one of these names (or several other popular chiropractic names), fret not. Search engines are ever changing their algorithms and Geo targeting of data is expected to continue improving. A smart search solution would result in one’s Boston location appearing in position number one when someone searching for a term like Atlas Chiropractic while using an Internet provider in the Boston area. This may eventually even affect Planet Chiropractic, as people may be searching from Mars or some other planet.

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