Planet Chiropractic Producing Film with Stephen Colbert

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

Planet Chiropractic has teamed up with Stephen Colbert and others to produce a film that may just change the world, for at least one second. While Colbert, known to many as the greatest living American, has made a financial commitment to be a producer on this project, I decided to represent chiropractic in a big way with nearly double the funds (in cash!), so we could have our name on the credits above his, just in case Colbert became our next president of the United States.

Nirvan Mullick of the one second film project (photo: Nirvan Mullick on the streets of downtown Los Angeles along with cameras rolling)

I was in downtown Los Angeles this weekend, meeting with Nirvan Mullick, and we were engaged in strenuous and intense discussions regarding a film project he has been raising funds for during the past seven plus years. After spending some time with him, and watching his presentation, I was sold, I just had to get involved. Nirvan and his team have been working almost nonstop to get associate producers, producers, and even executive producers, behind the making of this film.

Not only did I ante up the funds invested by Stephen Colbert, we’re definitely both on top of Christina Ricci, who is also a producer for this project. Other celebrities that are on the producer list include Bill Pullman, Kevin Bacon, Pierce Brosnan, Charlie Kaufman, and Jon Gries.

Some may remember that horrible chiropractic film called Double Whammy with Elizabeth Hurley and Denis Leary. Well, Steve Buscemi also starred in that film and he is an associate producer on this one. Along with Steve, there is Alan Cumming, Woody Harrelson, Bob Odenkirk, and even Pauly Shore signed on as associate producers.

While Planet Chiropractic has gotten ourselves on the producer list, the big guns, the honchos with the deep pockets, the celebrity executive producers include Ben Harper, Tom Arnold, Tom Green, and Kiefer Sutherland. We’re in good celebrity company indeed.

Even with our outpouring of generosity, Nirvan still needs help to make this film a reality, so I am asking our readers to dig deep into their pockets, and make a contribution to this worthy cause. Visit the film web site, to learn more how you can bring the world together, one second at a time. @ 12:46 pm | Article ID: 1194209204