The $500 Signing Bonus Ultimate Hiring Guide

By Dr. Steven Visentin, D.C.

Everyone is replaceable. If someone wants to quit or needs to be replaced, let them go! Holding on to the wrong employee because you hate the process of hiring and retraining is a terrible idea. Read this article carefully to learn how to hire quickly and well.

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Post An Ad That Pulls

Every minute your chiropractic center is understaffed you’re losing money. Don’t hesitate to post an ad in a popular online site, like Below is a sample ad that has drawn lots of applicants.

Will Train, Receptionist For Doctor’s Office $500 Signing Bonus

Compensation: $16.00 per hour to start


Will Train!

  • Natural health care setting
  • Team approach to drugless healing
  • Fun family environment
  • No knives (surgery), no blood, and no drugs
  • Great hours
  • Free chiropractic care for you and your family
  • Good pay
  • Great career opportunity
  • Terrific management team
  • Work at a place where your opinion counts


Why Offer a $500 Bonus?

The $500 Signing Bonus appeals to many applicants, even in competitive markets. When they start, have them sign an agreement that reads as follows:

Conditions of Signing Bonus

After 90 days of employment, you are entitled to a $500 bonus if the following conditions are met:

  • You have been in full compliance with all office policies,
  • You have not been late or missed work for any reason, and
  • You did not have to leave work early.

Nothing in this agreement guarantees employment for any length of time.

Even the best employees find it difficult to be on time for the first 3 months. The stress of a new job may cause them to “get sick” and be late or absent. If they are late, confront them about this “unacceptable” behavior. Ask them whether they would like to look for work elsewhere, or be on time. Be tough from the start. When they’ve proven themselves, you can be more generous.

If they do complete the first 90 days on time and meet your expectations, you’ve hired a winner. Celebrate by giving them the $500 bonus they deserve.


Initial Screening

Accept resumes online and have your current staff contact the best ones during less busy hours by phone. Have them choose applicants who are within a 20-minute driving distance of your center. Employees who drive over 20 minutes may burn out quickly or arrive late due to traffic or inclement weather.

Select bilingual applicants to broaden the market niches your clinic can serve. Of course, their primary language should be English in the United States. Also, ask if they can work the hours you need filled.

Give your staff authority to quickly eliminate candidates who can’t communicate clearly.

Once they select a potential hire, have them set an appointment for an interview and testing.

Staff will help screen applicants by noting who’s late for their appointment, impolite, or can’t follow directions. Have your current staff administer a simple filing test and any other skills you might need. These can be found online.


Outstanding People Stand Out

You will have lots of perspective employees coming and you’ll be able to compare them easily. Looking for work is stressful. Make sure each applicant is comfortable before you begin an interview. Listen carefully and wait for the right one.

The best questions for job interviews are open ended and start with phrases like; “Tell me about a time when…” or “Give me an example of…” or “What has been your experience with…”. Of course, your questions should be prepared in advance. Let them do most of the talking. A potential receptionist might be asked, “What experience have you had in talking to clients?” Other questions can be found on the internet.

One of the best questions I’ve heard is, “We always test for drugs and perform a thorough background check before hiring. Can you tell me what we’re going to find when we do?”



Most interviewees can give names and numbers of coworkers who will supply glowing reviews of their work experience; this is not helpful. Have the person you’re interviewing call their former boss during the interview and introduce you over their cellphone. Ask their employer to confirm details of their previous employment and then say, “I’m seriously considering hiring Mr. or Ms.____________. We have several positions open in our office. Is there any type of job they would NOT be suitable for?”

Asking the question in this way may reveal more about the candidate than a simple, “Would you re-hire them?”

Of course, if their former boss refuses to say anything about the candidate other than “Yes, he (or she) worked here,” don’t hire them. There may be a problem, about which they can’t or won’t tell you.


Let The Staff Have The Final Say

Your staff must be able to work with the new employee. Make sure everyone’s on board with the hiring decision before you offer the job formerly.


How To Present The Opportunity

When you’ve found the right person, present the job enthusiastically and outline the benefits of working for your clinic. You might mention how many applications you considered, so that they prize the job. Ideally, your welcome should be honest, disarming and most of all, end their job search.

If they cannot start within 2 weeks, consider your second choice.


Be Careful About Multiple Interviews

If you’re in an area of the country with an extremely low unemployment rate, you may be forced to hire an outstanding candidate and offer them the position immediately or risk losing them to another employer.

Check them out on social media and look at their posts. If their online presence is inappropriate, you can move onto better applicants. At the very least, do a Google search to find out more about their background.


Hiring Family

Your spouse is an obvious first choice in hiring. No one could be more committed to your practice success. There are also tax advantages.

Otherwise, there are good reasons not to hire relatives; it creates feelings of resentment when family is treated differently than the rest of the staff. Relatives might feel they are being used and insufficiently compensated, because they’re related. The family dynamic can be ruined by discussions of business and work-related problems. Finally, it’s embarrassing and nearly impossible to fire a relative who’s underperforming.



On their first day, have them observe a typical day in your office.

Before they leave, be sure to interview them once more. Ask if they are happy or have questions. Listen carefully to what they say and how they say it.

Steve VisentinHire Legally

Never ask questions or make comments that reflect prejudice based on sex, race, color, religion or national origin. Employment laws vary. Get legal help to be sure your hiring practices meet local guidelines.

Be kind to each applicant. Remember how hard it is to look for work. If you can’t offer them a job, tell them, “I will hire the most qualified person for the position. I’m not sure who that is yet. Thanks for applying.”


Don’t Wimp Out

Put maximum energy into this process; it’s important. Your clinic is only as good as the weakest staff member. Work hard to create the best center for care. Hire, train, re-train, motivate, and never be satisfied until you have the very best team for your patients.

Steven Visentin is a Denver chiropractor at Care Chiropractic serving “The World’s Best Patients” for over 30 years. Dr. Visentin is also an accomplished public speaker and author of an e-book on practice growth.