Group calls ADHD a Hoax

A non-profit group known as the Citizens Commission on Human Rights has released a free booklet titled, “Psychiatry: A Human Rights Abuse and Global Failure.”

A Yahoo press release regarding the booklet asks: “Why have more than five million American children been forced to take an addictive, psychiatric stimulant drug which is biochemically similar to cocaine?”

According to the release, there is certainly something wrong those that feel “compassionate caring for children equals heavy drugging from the earliest possible moment.”

The booklet charges that the profession of psychiatry has created an “international, multi-million dollar child drugging culture through the invention of such stigmatizing labels and fraudulent diagnoses as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”, according to the release.

One doctor was quoted as saying that “Hyperactivity is not a disease. It’s a hoax perpetrated by doctors who have no idea what’s really wrong with these children.”

The release reminds us that “ADHD is the subject of major class-action lawsuits which allege that the American Psychiatric Association and a psychiatric advocacy group, conspired to create a market for the prescribed stimulant treatment drug, in order to expand its use and thereby sales.”

According to the release, the problems regarding ADHD and psychoactive drugs are more widespread than what is being reported.

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Yahoo Finance: Stigmatizing Children & Creating a Drug-Addicted Culture

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